ipd Volvo – Fuel Door Hinge Repair

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Garry M says:

Why didn't you clean around the filler before refitting the hinge? bad practice!

Joy Kingston says:

Steve n is so right, those little plastic pins just didn't work, luckily I also had 4 small screws to replace them. Also don't forget to put the fuel cap door on first before you fit the part. Thanks for the video it really helped.

KingBronzeL says:

Thank goodness I found the vid. I am getting a replacement hinge bracket in today because part of it broke off winter before last and I JUST put enough aside to get the right one. I just wish I had a hole punch so I could try to fix it myself.

Maciej Nejman says:

Greetings from Poland. A very nice tutorial of how to repair a fuel door hinge. Mine was
broken at the Shell automatic car wash (!).

Leap Frog says:

Why such a flimsy design?

whatk2 says:

This was half-easy and half-irritating. Decided against breaking off the pins prior to installation. The outer two pins were easy to break off and tap once the hinge was positioned in the old mounting holes.

But I should have followed the advice of the video for the two inner pins b/c of the interference with the plastic ridges around where they were located. Also, all the pins were intact when I got the hinge, so I decided to try tapping them in as-is. The first pin broke off on the first attempt. That was when I decided to start following the video.

All in all, the video helped me to understand what the finished product looked like and it's now completely installed after some improvising to tap in the two inner pins. THANKS.

bigbzon says:

Thank you soo much, cheers from Sweden and a new Volvo owner!

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