DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal & Repair

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Video tutorial on how to remove the radio antenna from a Volkswagen Golf MK4 and repair on a budget. Thank you to all those who watch my videos and support m…


John Smith says:

Champ, nice and straight forward

Graham Wallace says:

Hi what kind of grease did you use to keep the moisture out? Great video

Mehrzad Moheb says:

thanks man

Emilio Pastore, Jr says:

Hi. Thanks for sharing ! I know this may be a bit off-topic, but do you
happen to know if there’s any +12v permanent power source on the NB trunk
or even on the back part of the roof ? Thanks !

Julian Jennings says:

I have a 02 gti 1.8t. But mine has a big metal cage thing innfrontnof the
wires. How do I get it out?

INTERNA9 says:

YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian Jennings says:

I have a 02 gti 1.8t. But mine has a big metal cage thing innfrontnof the
wires. How do I get it out?

4Diyers says:

@RodriguezInnovations Thank you!

Casey Friday says:

I just did this on my 02 Golf TDI, and holy crap! The reception is HD
quality now! CD quality perfect with my Alpine 9835. No need for an HD
tuner! Thanks so much for this video. It’s an easy repair, but I wouldn’t
have even attempted it without watching this first.

GRACE59143 says:

It seems a lot of volkswagons have this once they sit a while. Mine is like
that but I’m not looking forward to fixing it :l

Wendy Hayek says:

Thnx for the video,stupid snow broke my antena and my dad is on a business
trip so im gonna have to do it myself. Hopefully it’ll work. Keep up the
good work! Those two people that disliked this video probably tore their
car up and didn’t know how to put it back together:)

4Diyers says:

Quite possible. If I remember right, I believe even the coaxial cable was
slightly corroded going to the antenna plug under the headliner. Also if
you have an aftermarket deck. Is their a power wire running to the
amplifier for the antenna??? Aftermarket decks to require a specific
antenna adapter wire along with a secondary wire which needs to be powered
up when the deck is turned on.

Henk Post says:

@sonnytrouble excellent show! Be aware that the antenna now carries 12V
supply from your radio! You could have inserted a capacitor of about 1000
pFin series to the antenna to solve this.

4Diyers says:

@gardingh Thank you!

Michael Smith says:

Excellent, I have a 2005 VW Bora that is the same ariel foot as the 2004
Golf, but the golf is a hatch whereas the Bora is a saloon, is it the same
procedure, how do I get at the underside of the ariel on a Bora, please
help me my fellow VW Golf/Bora DIY’ers

Michael de Moor says:

I would love to know it two. ( also Bora owner ) But your link not seems to

sonnytrouble says:

spot on bro, cheers

Carlos Vega says:

hello , anybody knows if its same procedure with a VW beetle 03 ? thanks .
nice video

Roberto A says:

Nice vid 🙂

4Diyers says:

@TMcad Thank you!

Fidel005 says:

thx for the diy i need to replace the seal on my antenna he is cracked

4Diyers says:

The headliner removal is slightly different, but the antenna used is
exactly the same.

4Diyers says:

Yes you can unscrew it. Might just be stuck from sitting out in the
weather. Stubby antenna ends are fairly easy to come across. Apparently
people are also upgrading to Chrysler Sebring (part #5064253AB) antenna end
which is shorter and a directly screws on. You can also get really short
ones off Ebay. Depends on what length you need.

David Harter says:

will it work for a jetta 2001?

vsprivet says:

Thank you! So what is the link where you got the replacement from?
Appreciate you help.

4Diyers says:

Removing the antenna itself should be the same, but dropping down the
headliner is a little different. Here’s a tutorial on how to remove the
headliner for a New Beetle w w w.wlsheadliners.c o
m/tutorials/volkswagon/vw_beetle_headliner_replacement.h t m l (remove

wes Black says:

Great informative video. Me: I would’ve just tossed the old busted antenna
base. Usually keeping such corroded/broken stuff is more trouble than it’s
worth. All same, good work!

4Diyers says:

The antenna removes the same way, but dropping down the headliner is
slightly more difficult. This is a full tutorial how to remove the
headliner, but all you need to do is drop down the rear to access the
antenna. h
p?3148467-DIY-Jetta-Headliner-Removal-With-Pictures (remove spaces)

xartaf says:

Thanks ! Just what I needed ! For my MK4 01

James Russell says:

Terrific video!

partypinda81 says:

life saver 😛 thanks

Gabriel Dibble says:

I wont be repairing or rebuilding, but I appreciate the removal tips. Good
video, thank you 4Diyers

4Diyers says:

@sonnytrouble Thank you!

RodriguezInnovations says:

good job!

Trent Irwin says:

Just did this last night. Works perfect! Save $85 in parts not including

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