Subaru Owner Tips: Timing Belt Idlers

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Recorded At All Wheel Drive Auto: Independent Subaru Repair in Kirkland Washington 98033


Joshua Engberg says:

Hi Justin, thanks for the video. i have a question relating to setting the
timing on a 2005 2.5L Turbo. i installed new pulleys, water pump and
tensioner plus new belt. i had everything lined perfectly with the crank
pulley at TDC and all the cam sprockets were also lined up perfectly with
the double hashes facing eachother and all aligned perfectly with the belt.
i pulled the pin on the tensioner and spun over the engine manually by hand
4 full revolutions and the cams are all still lined up the but the crank
pulley is just past TDC by a half a tooth. i redid the timing 5 times and
still i am getting the same result. can you tell me what i am doing wrong?

luissubarurx says:

F@ck! Stop this cr#p! i have an 1986 subaru gl and still have oem timing
tensioner and pilot bearing for over 25 years and still working. POS new
Subarus dont last sh!t.

AsianBoy13579 says:

This is a very CLEAR and THOROUGH explanation that you’ve provided about
the functions of certain timing belt components and how they normally wear.
Thanks, this is very much appreciated.

Harris Ang says:

Very nice informative video, thanks.

FizixOnSnow says:

Just changed my timing belt/water pump/tensioner and idlers at 108k on my
05 STi yesterday and they still spun like the new idlers. Is age more of a
factor than mileage?

xtremsiege2 says:

@cavalier8889 Sorry man. Were they making a lot of noise? My car is at 106k
and haven’t done the timing belt on the wrx yet.

Justin Stobb says:

Thats a tough one, we just went through a 2.7 recently and had a challenge
as well getting all of the parts and pieces including the tensioners. I
lucked out and and found them on a shelf at a Subaru Dealer in Colorado,
but I called about 30 dealers with the part numbers before I found them.
Sorry I can offer more, they are just hard to get parts for

urgentcareguy3 says:

I’m working on a 1999 Legacy Postal with a 2.2. This is the first Subie I
have worked on. What would cause the crankshaft pulley to be out of round?
It kind of wobbles.

bassbone1785 says:

I completely agree. Those bearings definitely won’t last for more than one
timing belt, all of mine were shot when I did my motor, along with the
water pump. I learned the water pump should always be replaced the hard way
unfortunately, but I won’t make that mistake again. Spend the extra money
and do it properly, then you won’t have to end up doing it again.

shades2 says:

Excellent vid.

raptor2569 says:

what I thought when I had my short block replaced and well they didn’t
replace that in an 09 sti and well it bent my vales. Thanks Subaru for a
job well done……

yousawthis says:

i’m looking to replace my timing belt and idlers. what timing belt kit
would you recommend.

Justin Stobb says:

We sell a timing belt kit, you can buy here on our website under the parts
tab If we dont have what you want listed, there is a request a quote form,
I can get back with you with a detailed price including shipping costs. We
use nothing but the best parts at our shop and only sell parts I truly have
faith in. Thanks

glenn martin says:

i have a 1999 2ltre ej20 subaru forester ltd one of the timing belt idlers
has a collar on the back of it is it critical to replace it with the same
or can u use a flat idler as i have seen on other engines of same type does
it really stop the belt from wandering off thanks glenn

cavalier8889 says:

my idler pulleys were not change when my timing belt was replace and all of
the work was done by subaru, so can you tell me why they decided to cause
me problems at a later date? p.s. my idlers went and just about blew my

Talasas says:

I’m rebuilding an ER27 engine and parts are non-existent where I live.
Online idler/belt kits are extremely expensive, more than two times the
price of an equivalent kit and I already have the belts. What can you
recommend for replacing the bearings in the idlers or finding idlers that
will suit?

WTR1050 says:

Thank you for this informational video! I have learned something!

SubaruXT6 says:

exact engine i have. the DOHC engines are Interference engines. i plan on
putting a 2.2L engine in mine. they last forever ! 😀 subaru expert ? thats
me !. LOL

Ryan Moody says:

4:12 – So, does that mean that the 2002 WRX already has the updated
bracket, or would I need to find a replacement for mine?

Kevin Rogers says:

very good video man, i turn wrenchs for a living and i always tell people
who ask me question if this really needs to be replaced, i tell them yes it
has to be done ALWAYS, theres no point in risking having to do it twice
over apart thats ALOT cheeper then just the labor to do this job

Justin Stobb says:

Its not so much difficulty in spinning, its the noise that is a precursor
to failure that is the concern. The Turbo models have a 4th idler so that
does help, but the small idler on the tensioner bracket is the one that
fails on the Turbo models, we have typically seen this at the 150k mark or
so, the problem is you cant hear a noisy idler once its put back together,
a few years later its all but forgotten until it fails and you now have
bent valves. Its preventative maintenance, you did well

killersushi99 says:

FA20 fixes this problem. XD

Jamal Dumaka says:

Thanks for the video….a lot of great information. I see you work at an
independent scoobie shop, have you seen many 09 STi’s with broken piston

Indigo8086 says:

Now there’s an engine you don’t hear about! Good luck!

cj54car says:

great vid !! honest and well explained, thnx

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