1995 Subaru Legacy – Quick and dirty repair of rust hole

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Anyone who drives a Subaru in an area where there’s road salt knows that these cars pick up rust spots behind the rear wheels. Since this is my daily driver,…



” and i just put a scratch in the paint” LOL

mecanicman66 says:

what is miracle paint bud

Shane Fleming says:

Could I apply Bondo over the aluminum tape to reinforce the fixed area?

PleasantLakePirate says:

man rivet some tin over that and cover it in fiberglass bondo, paint both
sides and it will outlast the car.. btw, what the hell is miracle paint??

rev800man says:

Dude, I think I’m gonna use this technique on my Jeep as I have big hole by
my exhaust pipe that is letting fumes into the cabin! It’s just a beater so
I don’t really care what it looks like. I think I should be able to tape
the all around the bottom of the panel to seal it. I like it!! Is it
pretty, no. Professional, hell no! But hey, if you got a beater and don’t
really care to spend much $$ on it then this should do the trick! Thank
you, sir! 

1700iDiGuy says:

I did a repair like this on my ’96 ford fiesta hatchback. Exact same
problem, same size hole, wacked over it with a flap wheel after peeling
back the corner of the bumper out of the way, cut out rotten pitted thinned
metal, chopped up some fresh steel, fit it all up and mig welded it all
together, rebuilt the inner and outer arch then ground down all the welds
and its ready for paint in under 3 hours….Doesn’t take long dude.

schwinnbiking says:

looks like crap. Can use rivets and sheet metal, do it right in less time.

MercedesDieselGuy says:

@jaedonavey Best of luck. Relatively small bubbling in the paint can hide a
surprising amount of rust.

yellowsubie28 says:

My impreza same spot both sides

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Very good points. However, at the time, I had a few hours tops to do this,
and I can’t weld and complete a repair that quickly. The point wasn’t to
make a cosmetic repair, but rather to stop the spread of rust and seal out
the weather. This repair outlasted my ownership of the car. When I sold the
car (with a basically dead engine) a year and half later, the repair was
still holding strong.

MercedesDieselGuy says:

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! 🙂

Julian Manuel says:

i dont wanna hate, but that shit would last me a couple weeks..

kosmosleha says:

that’s called a “Mexican Repair”

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Miracles, no. I agree. But, this did seal off the rust hole and prevent (or
slow down, at least) the spread of rust until the engine gave up on me. I
wouldn’t have done this to a nicer car, but for a long-haul daily commuter
into the city, this repair worked well for me.

Jenkkiauto says:

you are do it yourshelf man good !

Arthur Smith says:

what kind of tape or plat for did you use to put the miracle paint. on cus
i have a huge hole and i dont know what to put the body filler on

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s still holding tight onto the car with no sign
of deterioration. If I had to predict when this repair will fail, I’d guess
after two to three years. I don’t expect it to last forever. This just got
me back on the road quickly.

cinquade says:

Whats miracle paint?

MercedesDieselGuy says:

True, but it worked.

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Still holding to the car tenaciously, and yes, it’s still water-tight.

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Thanks. As of recently, it looks like this repair will outlast the rest of
the car. So, in retrospect, I made the right decision not to fuss too much
over this.

78gjw says:

what is Miracle Paint? I never heard of it before. You are right about the
importance of sealing out weather. Here in Ohio, in the winter, a hole like
that will fill with mud, sleet, snow, ice, and salt, and by spring the
whole rear fender will be rusted out.

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Well, this one was a standard Legacy, but my current wagon is a Legacy

shizon101 says:

good video man, you have same voice as my friend.. lol

MercedesDieselGuy says:

I must agree! Actually, if I recall correctly, at the end of this video,
the patch is still black. After the video, I did paint it red. It doesn’t
match the rest of the quarter panel, and the contour is way off, but it’s
not as bad looking as you think… though it still is unattractive. Once
again, restoration was never the goal on this. Just wanted to cover the
hole, hence the “quick and dirty” part of the title.

MercedesDieselGuy says:

I did. It wasn’t TOO bad, but wouldn’t have fooled anyone even at 50 feet.
The paint and primer flaked off in a year, leaving the patch repair
underneath it exposed (and 100% intact). I painted it a second time and
that lasted until the car went to the junkyard.

Thunderst0rn says:

dirty but closed all right 😉

TheRealHotShot says:

Is this one of those Halfords Adverts?

351cleavland says:

Seems to me, a person who lives in the western U.S., that it would be wise
to cover certain body parts (lower door, fender arches, floor pan) in some
sort of aluminum tape before the salt can blast the paint away and expose
the metal to rust damage.

Anthony Lapidakis says:

Would you look at that nice ass flash light ! Damn this guy struck it good

piet10113 says:

maybe you should try painting the car with plastidip… could help prevent

MercedesDieselGuy says:

The repair is still holding strong a year later. The key here is the
Miracle Paint. It hardens more like an epoxy than a paint. Combined with
several layers of fiberglass, it’s still rock hard, not flexible at all,
and there’s no visible rust returning. I expect this to last at least
another year before I have any visible deterioration. The goal was never a
cosmetic repair – only to slow the rust and keep the car driveable.

todd2close says:

i agree with your earlier posts! maybe rivets would work on older cars but
not newer ones and i know that most professinal body shops would not use
just rivets alone to fix a rust hole. i know newer unibody cars are welded
to keep the strength of the body in tact as it takes constant impacts from
driving so why use a piece of metal pressed together to hold another piece
of metal to the car?

Jake says:

how long did it hold up for im thinking on doing it on my truck my hole is
much smaller

MercedesDieselGuy says:

Thanks for the feedback. I have repaired Subarus with identical rust spots
exactly as you describe in the past. I had a reason for not doing it that
way this time, though I forgot the exact reason. A couple of things, though
– sheet metal and pop rivets is still not the “right” way to repair this.
Second, I don’t believe that would have taken less time, unless I left the
new metal unfinished and exposed for immediate re-rusting.

Ribet Saibot says:

No haga caso de los malos comentarios… good job!!!!!!!!!!!

Aeronautical says:

Always good to see alternative methods , interesting . ugly as hell but it
seems to work like you said.

doreece2 says:

Thinking of doing a quick fix like u did. How good has it been over the
years? Any reformation of rust etc?

overmanonfire says:

I like your sense of humor

jimmy vonhugenstein says:

Beautiful work.

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