Paintless Dent Repair on a Porsche 911 — /DRIVE CLEAN

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Dents and dings caused from daily driving are the source of many nightmares for car enthusiasts. Thankfully, professional dent removal technicians are experts at shaping metal. One little visit could be all you need to eliminate any trace of the unwanted damage. On this episode of DRIVE CLEAN, we are back at Proformance Industries where George demonstrates what tools and techniques are used to fix an average car dent.
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billybobjoe198 says:

I like how towards the end the guy is talking to Larry about paint
correction and Larry pretends like he’s learning something.

PocketDrummer says:

+AMMO NYC If you have rock chips that also have tiny dents, is it better to
do PDR and use touch up, or is it better to have a body shop fix and
repaint the whole hood?

Pandita P says:

This man is fucking passionate.+

Tom Smith says:

Great piece thank you. George is a master, you can really tell he is
passionate about his craft. I would definitely look for someone like him
the next time I have a dent!

BigNastyreborn says:

man i really want to get into detailing, are there any classes for it in
southern california?

Adhi Pradono says:

In Indonesia it’s called ‘Ketok Magic’ –> Magic Knock

TotalMCAddict says:

I have so many dents on my car that its frustrating! I feel like its not
worth it since I know im bound to get more. Great video though.

ControllerModzz says:

Larry looked scared aha

Core Q says:

PDR is not cost less than a body shop visit nowadays, especially when they
heard its a porsche they will charge more.
body line dent removal cost even more than a body shop visit. 

Edward Reynolds says:

My car got hit hard by hail last year, well over 200 dents. Even though
shes my baby, probably not going to take her to one of the local PDR shops.
I have a hard time believing that the places in my area understand what it
takes do do this (they probably do but i dont want my paint f-ed up)

Doug Miller says:

Great video! Love the explanation with the pillow and all, thanks for

naytinlieu says:

Great work George! Did you make that tool when you were 10 years old?!

Surakusa says:

Of course PDR professionals are going to say “Leave it to the
professionals, not a DIY project” If you can do it, I can do it… While it
may take me a while to get there, but it’s not exactly rocket science on
how to do this stuff… It just takes practice and research… Just like
everything else in this world.

Ken Harper says:

People like George are as expert in the skill of metalworking as a
neurosurgeon is in operating on the brain. Just an awesome demonstration.

AMMO NYC says:



Tell your friends!

likelovelovelove says:

thanks for that Larry! 

Eduards Jašs says: says:

This is really cool. Check out an in-depth look at PDR. Paint-less Dent
We would recommend leaving this to the pros but you’ll get the idea how it

Wilmar Garcia says:
Julien Fontaine says:
Richard Orsulich says:

This guy is the dent master, thanks for the video

hiazn69 says:

Can I please have EVERYONE tell me there is already a video regarding
cleaning your engine bay! I’ve only had 50 replies to my previous post and
need the rest of you to reply!

Samsgarden says:

I felt some sexual tension actually

SatanSupimpa says:

In Brazil we have an ancient technique called “Martelinho de Ouro” (gold
little hammer). It’s pretty effective.

Jason Swan says:

thank you so much for captioning your videos. As a deaf guy, very very much
appreciated, and sadly very much not the norm online.

CEB055 says:

Check out his channel on youtube man. Tons of that sort of thing.

Dave Simkus says:

I love this show! I can spend all day detailing my car. My girlfriend hates

Altruistic says:

Larry,just a quick question to george.Why not take out the whole hood and
fix the dent when you can’t really fix it from the underside because space
is too tight?

buaan says:

Very impressive repair! 🙂

Vince DAlessandro says:

Wow George, you’ve got a knack for explaining the PDR process, the visuals
are great and the explanations are spot on. There are two things that are
missing in this video…1.) Not for the DYI person, This is better left to
the professionals, and 2.) there are a ton of tools out there now that you
might not be aware of that would definitely in the last 5 or so years that
would make your job a lot easier and consistent. We all get use to the
tools we’ve been using since we started years ago.

Lexus ISF says:

There is one

lxwvandenberg says:

Lets hope for some classics… maybe a duke or two, too 😀

shrewsnose1 says:

Beautiful Porsche and great vid very interesting

s0nnyburnett says:


LazerSausage says:

whoever does your animations is pretty kickass.

Ducati Dan says:

In the intro, there is a scene where he’s brushing a soaped up dirt bike
rim. I think there is a motorcycle episode coming up soon! 🙂

sp3c14l1st says:


hiazn69 says:

Cool, Thanks!

janrdoh says:

I’m getting my car done in 2 weeks time seeing as I managed to receive a
door dent on all 4 corners of my car .

darwandoo says:

Amazing technique! Does anyone know of a skilled PDR technician in Toronto
Canada? I need one for a sharp dent in my door. Thanks

Lee Epler says:

I bet Larry was snapping about the squeegee on his car haha

Capp2015 says:

is isnt Drive Clean, this is Drive Fix Your Car. we want to see you
completely wash a nasty ass car, or do some polishing

KingJzf says:

15:08 “…for finding high quality paint dent removal technicians…” :s is
it supposed to be paintless

tcrummitt87 says:

That is one brave man to wet sand Larry’s own car… wow

Duphman2 says:

The video is supposed to be educational so I am sure he is fine with it.

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