How to repair peugeot 206 axel part 1.divx

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james goldsmith says:

The part l mean is at 12:35 in video.

308 ALLURE HDI says:

How much do you charge to change the back axle on a car?

Frank Bird says:

Liam, unsure whether to do this as I worry that the axle shaft might be
damaged and the job will be for nothing as the new bearing will fail
soon… The rear wheel can be moved in and out if I grab at 9 and 3
o’clock but not at 12 and 6…?

Bart Ebben Autoonderdelen says:

Keep up the good work Liam! Maybe we can provide you with the bearings? Or
with affordable, complete axles new and used in case there’s too much wear
and tear.

mrelderscrollsfan01 says:

@Liamautomechanic thanks mate, il try that tomorrow,

andy man says:

Reply to fsj450, the problem with using a copper mallet is bits of copper
brake off.

mrelderscrollsfan01 says:

@Liamautomechanic sorry to keep bothering you mate but i dont no who else
to ask, i checked the rear wheel and they look fine to me, i heard peugeots
have this problem, could i rele need a new rear axle, i rele hope not, also
how much should i pay if i do, i dont want to be ripped off

Mitchell Aston says:

i have a wierd squeeky noise coming from my near side rear. i think it is
the axle bush that has gone when turing right it makes a hell of a noise
atm. can anyone tell me what this is…. and ive looked under the car and
where the axle bush is located i can see part of the seal

Liamautomechanic says:

yea, but were down in donegal these times, a wee bit far from you, any old
local mechanic could do this operation, some hardi bucks around armagh,
bound to be an old timer that would tackle that job.good luck kid.

adrian5401 says:

Hello Liam, can you say about how long this job would take. I do have a
ramp etc but never changed one of these bearings ??

Liamautomechanic says:

@mrelderscrollsfan01 go yo ur local garage and get the wheel ballance
checked, first, sounds more like a twisted tyre or a bent rim, you can get
them to check the axel for wear, a recon axel here would cost 800 euros,
you should be able to repair the axel for about 200 euros, or 190 sterling
per side, the axel kit costs about fifty pounds. good luck.

mitchellandrewaston says:

I need to do my offside bush. So basickly i have it all apart but i was
wondering when removing the anti roll bar do i have to remove the hub and
everythin on the other side or just take the bolt str8 out the anti roll
bar and pull it through

franco101 says:

how do you go about replacing the bearing on the drivers side?

fsj450 says:

Not a matter of being a Smart Arse, I rectify other peoples Cock Ups on a
regular basis. Not knocking Liamautomachanics efforts. The steel hammer
just came over as a little severe. I’ve just swopped two driveshafts, two
lower arms, two sets of Front Wheels bearings, and replaced one of the Hubs
because some MORON forced the wrong bolts into the holes. NS driveshaft
thrashed to death, end flared over nut a pig to getoff. Its not Rocket
Science using the right tool for the job.

jasmenter says:

nice one m8 !

staffyface says:

haha all the views think il bring a camera to work whit me 2mro and post my

Liamautomechanic says:

@MeGaSoBeK thanks ur right.

Dionisios Christoforatos says:

hi Liam!I have pull off the arms but i not measured like you!what i can do
for that?

Paula M says:

hi, would you be interested in repairing a rear axle for 206 I’m based
outside newry?

espenhilde says:

Hi ! Thanks for sharing good information ! At 04.43 there is a hole for a
12m bolt ,on the 2003 model i am working on now there is no hole or dummy
bolt , is it a 12mm treads under if i drill a hole ? Thanks.

julie smith says:

hi there did u manage to remove the right hand side of the axle arm r u
saying u have 2 remove the torison bar if si how do i do this cheers dave

duckins4u says:

I have just bought a 206 and from driving home I noticed a judder from rear
of car at a certain speed of around 50 mph it is almost at if the road is
uneven at intermittent intervals but fine when going slower also noticed
drivers side rear wheel slants inwards my dad notices movement in wheel
when following behind me. Is this a complete axle job as the other side
seems fine. Thanks Gary

Liamautomechanic says:

a copper mallet would be no good for this job. you got to use the old
gentle enforcer, im afraid,very tight coming out,

leewds7 says:

Where u at mate, I replaced my axle 4 months ago and the same wheel is
wobbling again, im in ballymoney ni.

barry hanlon says:

cheers mate will try that see how i get on

crazyhaggid says:

Great set of videos, thanks for posting them!

Robert Belka says:

very good 🙁

vanepico says:

Shouldn’t you back off the shoes instead of whacking the stuffing out of
the drum?

MrJohnvec says:

releasing the hand brake might help ;- )

Liamautomechanic says:

a bitch of a job, done the old 405, 406 ,309, 205, same operation, a real
bitch to get the axel out, lol

Liamautomechanic says:

6 to 8 hours aprox first time, the hardest part is getting the arm out of
the torsion bar. tap in and out, it will eventually come off.good luck.

MeGaSoBeK says:

In description you forget about 306, which has the same axel as 206.

Liamautomechanic says:

just repair the offending side, usually you get away with repairing one

mark jones says:

thaxs mate vid on 206 rear axle just done mine instead of 300 at shop brill
mine was desil taken 4 hour 2 do on road side

Liamautomechanic says:

you should try tullyalley car breakers in derry, they usually keep a good
selection of good axels. or robert vance, peugeot breaker. in castlederg in
co tyrone.if theres more than 2 mil wear.on the old axel the bearings kit
wont do the trick or pass the M.O.T. unless u shim the wear out.when
replacing the new bearing kit.i was in with eddie torrens a few times
getting bits and bobs. good selection of parts there also.

Liamautomechanic says:

ok buddy, i will keep that in mind,

fsj450 says:

Live life on the edge. Use a steel hammer, after all its only cast if it
breaks, get some bodge artist to weld it, I’m sure it will be Ok .. ( LMAO )

buckshornoak says:

Hi there. Great stuff easy to follow. I just tried repairing my offside but
cant figure out how to remove the cap with the M12 bolt there is no thread,
is removal different for the 206 with discs/shoes or nearside/offside?

barry hanlon says:

liam im taking off my arm but the cover u screw a bolt into to get off mine
doesnt have bolt holes any ideas how i get off

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