how to repair a axel on a peugeot 206 part 3

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how to repair an axel on a peugeot 206 liamautomechanic axel repair, bearings, bushes, 106, 309, 405, 406, 305, citeron berlingo. peugeot partner, same opera…


Renato Piereck says:

I am about to do this on my 309 and 205 (yes, I am a masochist!). This
video is a life saver. Thanks for putting it up on YT!

Nano M says:

Hi Liam, Thanks for the uploads, My Pug snapped the bracket plate because
it went so bad for too long, Anyway fitted a S/H axle and failed MOT for
bearing play, So I’m going to replace the bearings, Question! I’m not happy
with the height of the rear of the car, Looking at the both splines, would
it be a case of just fitting the arm an inch lower to raise the back of the
car? And my thoughts! why Peugeot actually used a bearing when a greased
steel bush would be better is well puzzleing.

calum oneill says:

can you change the driverside rear bearings

Liamautomechanic says:


Liamautomechanic says:

you can replace the axel bearings, as long as there isnt too much wear on
the axel it self, i fixed loads, of peugeots and citerons and passed the
mot.not a bother.

TheHijamie1 says:

excellent demo,no fancy tools, take a bow my man, cheers

tomedian says:

Good advice Liam – an apprenticeship in 10 minutes – I can learn a lot from

trilas75 says:

Hey Liam. Great videoes. We managed to change the bearings in the right
side and has to take off the entire rear axel. The suspension is now
perfect, but when driving on rough roades there is a clonking noise from
the rear axle, which seems to come from the right side. any idea?

Liamautomechanic says:

aye u can mark the bars, or just measure the height, 8 inches, as in the
video. if u get it wrong just tap the arm out again, put it up or down 1
nick, u will know when the arm and bars slide in easy, its usually the
right nick on the torson bar spline. ok. good luck.

Ralucutz99 says:

Great, I have done this job in my 206, but i replaced the axe because it
was damaged on the left side. It was very rusty there. I saw in a video you
put new bearings over the axe after you had clean it for rust, but on the
outer part the axe looks to be affected.

endriu52 says:

ale jaja

david semon says:

mot fail i suspect the problem has picked alot of 205s off the roads,
atleased i know how to do mine now’ looks like a dirty stubbern old job

Lastonesleft7 says:

Man, without you I was in big trouble, hehe.. Thanks alot man. RESPECT FOR

Ali Mack says:

Hi Liam we have a guy up here in the highlands charging £350 for doing the
same job as what you have done.Then he sells you a recon axle.I was
checking out your vid as one of my customers asked me if i could get him a
second had axle but i think after watching your vid i could prob do this
job myself

hebay2 says:

Very hard to understand that accent but very usefull video

Ken Liekens says:

very usefull .. !! i had to remove the torsion bar from the other side
together with the suspension arm because it was stuck inside .. !! thx for
this video 🙂

Liamautomechanic says:

@johanbogg ok young fella, good job.

tomedian says:

Do you need to mark the position of the torsion bar splines on each side to
keep the correct torsion/force when replacing the bearings on the driver
side? Cheers

Liamautomechanic says:


grootell says:

no hay parte 4?

Liamautomechanic says:

@TheHijamie1 thats old school kid. thanks.use what uve got and what u have

RAT1969 says:

0:53 put the bearing in the freezer overnight n itll slip right in !

Jelle Jansen says:

Thanks! Helped fixing the rear axle of my Citroen AX GTI.

25039787archi says:

my 206 wheel moves side to side kinda scary i thought i would have to get a
new axle untill i seen this

Johan Bogg says:

Hi! I need to replace this on my Peugeot 206 (1999, 1.4i) and I’ve ordered
the VKDA 27007 from SKF. Now I’m worried I ordered the wrong part. Do you
know what are required to fix my rear axel?

Liamautomechanic says:

@johanbogg its not the end of the world. check all my peugeot vids for the
correct part number, for the rear axel. good luck.

Liamautomechanic says:

no call for hay,

d1977j says:

Any idea as to which axels fit as a total replacement to ’05 berlingo. Like
xara picasso, partner, 405…some are easier to get by as others.

pok932 says:

thank for the reply i have to do my one on one side hopefully theirs no wear

Johan Bogg says:

@Liamautomechanic Done it now, took a good few hours but now my dear
Peugeot works perfectly again 🙂 Thanks for a great How-to!

dvixos says:

You are doing half the job. You need also to change the small metal parts
on the left and right these small axles ( I do not know the exact word in
english) We recondition them in our wearhouse in Greece. So you need to buy
these small parts (we sell them)

dave lake says:

thanks so much for this video ,my son has got the sme trouble and we
thought it would mean a new axle (as this is what local garage said to him)
going to have a crack at it on my next days off thanks again should save us
about 250 quid plus your a star mate

pok932 says:

why do people say you can’t repair them and to get a whole axle any one
explain it to me plz

torchyboyz says:

Liam. Thank you so much for uploading this sequence of vids. I am going to
drill my radius arms and put grease nipples in for myself and my friends so
hopefully the bearings should last indefinitely. Thanks again and regards,

Liamautomechanic says:

@jaimeasencio2 if the bearings are ok, u can drop the arm one nick on the
torson bar to give u one inch,tap the arm back in and align the splines as
u tap the axel in , measure with a tape,

Liamautomechanic says:

yea both sides can be changed, to do the right side. just take off the 13.
mm bolt on the left side, fit the extraction bolt take off the bearing cap,
then remove the 13 mm bolt on the drivers side. and push the anti roll bar
through from the passenger side, the bar and cap is complete, then u can
take off the drivers side, ok.

Liamautomechanic says:

@jaimeasencio2 i would guess the bearings are worn on that side, replace
the inner and outer bearings as in the video,use a high lift jack and 4
axel stands,if u dont have a lift,same operation as the 206,good luck,

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