Nissan Altima Oil Change Repair Video

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Learn how to do an oil change on your Nissan Altima with this instructional automotive repair video from


selerim says:

i wonder is still necessary to change the oil every 3,000 miles? I heard
that new engines can run little bit longer before change the oil?

StageJuan says:

thats what she said 🙂

Souringno says:

what is that tool call. The one you first use the black socket wrench with
several different size heads. Very cool what is it call and where can I get

freedomisfromtruth says:

Please state the year, my 2001 is on the back of the engine towards the

William Torrez says:

great video, I appreciate it brother!

Agustin Vasquez says:

Very helpful video. What kind of oil is one suppose to add on a Nissan
Altima? Can anyone let me know?

dcuffie1424 says:

Not trying to sound stupid but the oil filter??? Lol!!! I understood the
draining process but the oil filter part threw me off. It’s best to change

lorenzom21 says:

Actually oil does break down and just doesn’t get dirty. Engine oil
contains a lot of additives which are polymers (big molecules). These are
literally broken down (imagine breaking a kitkat bar). But the dirty oil
can be sent to a refinery to be reprocessed, and the base oil can be
recovered. The additives cannot.

tony willi says:

very helpful video, I’m trying to change the filter on my girls altima and
couldn’t find it, thanks for the good video and obvious location.

Navid Budhwani says:

@Souringno look in your trunk moron…thats what you use to change your tire

curday333 says:


stars1910 says:

WTF?? no such thing as 4/5ths mm LOL!!

42014201jr says:

hey jeff what do i need to do if my oil pan has a leak around the silicon
they told me it dosent use a gasket on the oil pan its a 2002 nissan altima
2.5 please help i have to fix this asap oil leak around pan seal .

junior1984able says:

can I drain the motor oil without the help of a jack?

Ivan Estrada says:


Jake Losh says:

@avasque5 In the video they recommend 5-30 oil, which is what the 2005
Altima owner’s manual recommends. Check your owner’s manual for the proper
oil. I’d check with your regular mechanic before using other weights.

Roger Dodger Aviation says:

Yes. Best practice is to change the filter when you change the oil.

freedomisfromtruth says:

With my experience, these cars are so low to the ground, theres no way you
can get anything under there without jacking it up. If you have a dugout
bay like the quick oil change shops. Also use support jacks when goin under
jacked up cars.

stars1910 says:

14 mm wrench for oil plug

Navid Budhwani says:

@anthonywilliams999 yeah ur right my bad

justinrockhold says:

@curday333 why are you shouting?

Uberponage89 says:

I have a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S 4cyl and it has 76k. And I’m wondering can
I use regular motor oil or synthetic? Thanks!

trulymeparker says:

Changing the oil is great but don’t forget to check coolant too

tony willi says:

@navidb7 you are the moron navid. Souringno, that is a wrench with
interchangable heads, not the tire iron that navidb is referring to. lol.

riv3risthename says:

@avasque5 depends on your car, year and shit like that

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