Mercedes-Benz Dealership Tries to Rip somebody off for $6500.

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you could learn alot from this clip. some people think dealerships are Auto Repair GODS, but really they are just crooks. that’s the reason i don’t go to dea…


Martin West says:

video been up for over 6 years now…old news….next

Liberty Patriot says:

Another thing the technicians do NOT make $110.00 an Hour!
That is what the dealership bills you the customer!

Trades46 says:

I feel sorry for this bloke here for going to a bad dealership. But not all
MB dealer are this bad.
I know my Mercedes dealer is much better in the service part of ownership.
I can’t say the same for my Mitsubishi dealer however…

DJ Gaming says:

cant you contact the BBB about this?

CallMeOgre says:

This should be a crime

Michelle Lund says:

Good video….but at the end he goes all weird.

Liberty Patriot says:

That is why I always do my own repair work, screw the dealer, all they want
to do is leverage after sale service;
on the other hand their astronomical quotes are to cover their bases!
Mercedes Benz know as the “Stern Apotheke” in Germany!
due to outrageous costs!

charlietow says:

What’s up with the sound going in and out like that?!

lamkdndjfek says:

get a life! and learn to fix things yourself. You should have been working
on your techinical skills rather than your whining skills.

Kelly Dacey says:

Crazy! That’s why I never bring my car to a dealership to be repaired!

Sean Grady says:

Well done!

james haney says:

burned him good

pastieass says:

This is only 1/2 the story. Where did the guy put this rock? He probably
buried it down somewhere in the linkage where it was near impossible to
find. So oppose to tearing the whole roof off the car, and trying to find
this rock that was more than likely hidden in a space that a rock would
normally never be found, it was probably cheaper for it to just be
replaced. Honesty is a 2 way street.

rsvp9146 says:

Dude bought a Mercedes. I have no sympathy for him. The most
over-engineered cars on the market. Sold in North America at a premium when
they are essentially a German Chevy. MBZ does not want the independent
mechanic working on these cars, so they make it super hard to get repair
information. They also require a stupid amount of expensive specialized
factory tools to work on the cars. I laugh at people who think MBZ is a
quality car. 


Car salesmen are scumbags. Every single one of em. They may come off as
nice, but as soon as you sign on that dotted line they’ll try and squeeze
any penny they can out of you.

Eric Snowden says:

They had no clue and gave you an estimate on what they thought was wrong
with the car. I dont know where a new frame fits in. What kind of frame?
Not a car frame, since its a unibody car.

yvon malette says:

not all dealership are the same .The rep should have call in is boss to
deal with the manner in a private setting like a office maybe and deal with
the problem in a professional manner. To many thing went wrong here, and
the dealer should have offer to reimburse all cost related to this problem
and make the customer happy .And not all dealers or garage are crooks use
word of mouths or check with BBB to see if any complaints. It will save you
a lot of time and aggravation

Sinnie Lee says:

Car dealership and its sale men will always charge you the max. if you are
not informed about whatever you are doing with them. Research your problem
using the net before you go to them. The information is at your finger tip.

bill durning says:

what an idiot—–first he makes a comment about $110 an hr and it is worth
more than my accountant and almost what my lawyer makes an hour(like
mechanics are low down people)—then at the end he says something along
the lines of the mechanics making 110$ an hour—umm-no–the mechanic
propbably gets at most 25$ of that 110$————-

irving rivera says:

Those bastards!

your child says:

why the fuck does your volume keep fluctuating? check the video before
posting; fucking retard.

dmbfan07cb says:

first mistake was buying a mercedes. lol

falcondriver100 says:

LOL!! $6K for a sunroof?? Rich retards probably fall for it every time.

Chin Chillaz says:

u should be the next Chris Hansen

theautumnred says:

Whoa, I used to drive by there all the time. Never would have thought such
a classy place would be run by scammers. But I guess they figure most Merc
owners don’t care about money and will therefore pay whatever random number
they come up with.

Evil_Smilez says:

Toyota is the same … there thief’s! 

palebeachbum says:

If your car is out of warranty, DO NOT TAKE IT TO THE DEALERSHIP FOR
REPAIR. You’re going to pay nearly double the rate and the mechanics aren’t
necessarily any more knowledgeable. You’d think they are, but that’s not
necessarily the case.

Stefan Behrends says:

why didnt you buy a toyota? of course you are going to overpay for repairs
on a merc. you had no problem overpaying for the car itself. duh.

Kelvin Hiew says:

Wow, I was about to pick up the new 2014 CLA. Had no idea they’d do
something so reckless in the maintenance department. Anyways, thanks for
sharing. I will be vigilant whenever I go for my regular “oil check”. 

V Hampton says:

I would have seen to it that you reported this dealership to MBZ corporate
customer service! I don’t think that they would want kind of rep for their

Pat Hyland says:

unfortunately its called business. you hustle people to make money. been
going on ever since car probably were made lol. thats whys its always go to
know a little bit about everything, be hands on then to know alot about one

TheNauseator says:

When in doubt, get a second, independent opinion….then contact BBB. 

Nadir Debbabi says:

canada ay!

Clarince dde says:

A hierarchy of imbeciles paid accordingly and takes 6 months to contact
each other, thus a gap for embezzlement

Noah Themins says:

You sound surprised that, because its a Mercedes dealer, and they charge
you so much, that they could be even a little dishonest. you can’t trust
anyone, even mechanics you have known for a long time can screw up. This
was no screw up, this had to be an intentional lie, if he is going to tell
you the cables are all screwed up, when they obviously weren’t. 

krille back says:

Fuck mb

Daniel Simon says:

i do wonder how a rock of that size would get inside the mechanism of the

Jeffrey Peterson says:

Unlike many on here, I have a Mercedes and it is the best car I’ve ever
owned. Yes its over engineered but its still an internal combustion engine
atop of 4 wheels so its not that dissimilar than any other car. It took me
a couple of years taking it back to the dealer for service then speaking to
a service consultant telling me I need thousands of dollars of work done to
decide to do the work myself. Much easier than the Cadillac I owned…

Kevin Mejia says:

MOTHERFUCKER!! those dealer people suck.. have some basic knowledge of car
because thats how people pay a lot more for something that hey could do
just take time but it worth it

Typicalobserver says:

expensive thieves

Paul Brion says:

You are aware that the mechanic / technician probably makes $20 or less per
hour? They key is you ALMOST got charged that money. Kudos to you for
getting it taken care of, and I am happy you didn’t have to pay that much
but you don’t have to be a dick about it.

Deebz Breebz says:

The way Mercedes look at it is if you can afford one of their cars then you
would be someone who never gets their hands dirty and hence take their word
for what you need to pay for repairs. Good on you for uploading this video
and showing what these dealerships are all about. Maybe more people will
get a second opinion after watching this and make these crooks lift their

Rudy Alex says:

german cars are built with a lot of plastic parts that are designed to
fail. also the engineering of the engine and how parts are placed makes it
really difficult to work on them yourself. they are designed to be worked
on by a shop with special tools. thats how german cars stay is business,
the high price of repairs.

Hugh Vernon says:

Check your local garagh before you see a dealer. Dealers are for warranty
work. After warranty they always SCAM you. Beware!!!!

demonickronik57 says:

Techs do not make the 110 dollars per hour you pay lol

Snorks Schaefer says:

No mechanic makes $110.00 an hour. That is what you pay for labor. The
mechanic is lucky to even see 5% of that.

matt k says:

141$ to get a rock out? still got ripped off. if anything $20 or a 6 pack
for a damn rock

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