Mazda 626 Car Radio Removal and Repair

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F R E E – R E P A I R – E S T I M A T E S

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AceBulletProductionz says:

Same thing for millenias by the way, the bose double din has clips on the
side, do the same thing, and new aftermarket radios have screw holes in
front 2 up 2 down to screw in the new radio in place.. If anyone needs help
on anything radioish or even sub install lemme know! 

moochy72 says:

how do i get to the stereo to remove it from my 90model mazda 929???need
help…going crazy…

Nick Ongoco says:

If want to install a aftermarket radio. Do need to buy any special mounts
or will a single din radio just fit in?

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

Tools can be purchased on line and at most auto part stores.

sykoskan says:

What if your car never had a raido how can I put one in can you make a vid
for that or am I dumb

liljayc601 says:

I have a 99 626 and I can’t find my radio ground wire

4ercules says:

hey I have the mazda 626 I’m not sure of the year either a 96 or 98 but I
player have the default radio with cassette player I am finally trying to
remove to install another, I’ve managed to get out the radio but how do I
remove the rear wires to install another one?

sue g says:

You sure make it look easy! Thanks for the video!

Justis Every says:

I don’t know if you’ve already answered this; but I have a 2001 626 and
have a CD that will not eject from the radio. The CD won’t play and every
time I turn the car on “OUT” flashes on the screen as if it wants to eject
the CD but nothing happens. Also the radio plays any station just fine but
if I push the “CD Player” button nothing happens and if I push the eject
button it just seems to pause the radio each time I press the button.

Q Stat says:

How about installing a amp and sub to the 02 mazda 626?

Zane Knaub says:

Is there any radio that has the two connecters?


where can i buy those tools for removal , or how can i replace them with
something that does the same job , and i might have it ? thx

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

Aftermarket car stereo mounts similar but different…

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

Purchase the aftermarket wire harness and kit if needed. This will save
time and a headache.

solo0nine says:

Man i tried to take my whole dash off to get radio out I kept pullin but it
wouldnt come out Luckly i stopped tryin an looked this up otherwise i would
have F****d my dash up

Bazandanlan says:

I heard the face of these plugin/come off. How do I remove the face?

Celso Vera says:

how do you remove the din pocket underneath?

MrSnoopy010 says:

in my 2001 madza 626 there are 5 holes on the sides. i have put din keys in
each of these keys and there are no clicks. do you know how to take that
stereo out?

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

Don’t have an answer for you on this one without seeing it. However, many
Mazda’s have the Bose system. You can not mix a Bose stereo into a non-Bose
system and vise versa.

GSDubz says:

Dumb question: is an aftermarket stereo held in place as the stock Mazda
radio? I’ve got an older Alpine radio I want to install and I do not recall
if it required mounting to a special bracket or anything…

ttimofii says:

I have been looking for this for a week now. Thanks alot man. This also
used for mazda 323 astina car stereo

Chin3z says:

Do i really need those ford removing tool to get the stereo out? Is there
any other way to get it out? please help

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

Reset the CD player by disconnecing one of the battery terminals, or remove
and disconnect the stereo for a couple of minutes. Then reconnect. This may
reset the CD and eject. Otherwise, this is a repair issue.

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

Dealer$hip or locate one in a salvage yard…

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

There are kits and wire harnesses available for installation of aftermarket
car radios. Aftermarket car radio installation depends on the level of
expertise you have. Some instances kits are not needed. Mazda can be tricky.

joevon21 says:

can you help me install i head unit in a 87 mustang….im so lost

Nicholas skinner says:

thank god u saved my life my 96 mazda protege lx has same romoval method as
this one i was almost about to take my whole dash console everything out
just to get to the damn stereo lol u saved me much time

Rahul Bhonsale says:

thanks for posting this video!!! i have this exact model and i’m installing
a new stereo in mine today, because the cd player is very moody… and this
exactly what i needed!!

Logan Maxwell says:

my new radio doesnt have two connecters?

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

A thick wired coat hanger cut to shape, sometimes four long thin nails can
work too

DurhamDoesMakeup says:

So… I have a mazda protege 98 and the stereo went. Im wondering because
its an old model do i have to have a mounting kit installed.. Ive been
getting mixed messages about it…HELP

Celso Vera says:

whats the ground piece for? do we need it?

815oceanic815 says:

That was very helpful….however, if I were to install a different radio
(which is what I want to do), would it snap into place like that so easily?
Wow, it looked so easy when you did it…it almost seemed like you were
putting legos together.

Factory Car Stereo Repair says:

All the connectors have a small trigger on them. Squeeze the trigger into
the connector and it should release.

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