Fix & Repair a P1391 Code on a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee or Similar

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P1391 CHRYSLER – Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP

Usually paired with a check engine light on. Crank Position Sensor or Cam Position Sensor intermittent failure or loss of communication with PCM.

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ScRaM jAm says:

this video was very helpful

Visheslav Feder says:

Could the same code pop up if the timing is slightly off

Mike Greck says:

I knew you were from the Island before I looked lol. I'm living out in California now with a Tj driving me nuts. Thanks for the help

Msleelee94 Williams says:

i checked scanned and the code came up on mine camshaft position sensor b so i bought two at autozone im gonna change them out and check it again on my 2012 jeep sahara

Daniel Mason says:

been chasing that code for a couple weeks now in my 98 tj.. took it to an off road park .. and on the way home died on me..towed it home.. just wouldn't start .. changed both cam and crank sensors And it now starts but still running like shit .. but that's the only code it's giving me .. even went as far as cutting both ends of connections for the sensors and hard wiring them together with no change finally decided to pull the distributor.. bushings are shot .. cam gears are worn down on it ,as well as the flat end where it inserts into the oil pump.. so there's some unwanted play on the distributor shaft .. so this video is definitely making me feel hopeful on this being the culprit.. will find out for sure once I get the new one.. thanks for the video

jason butler says:

thanks for this video. I just got p1391 in my XJ. New pickup coil last year but it never quite ran right after that. Ill be getting a new distributor this weekend.

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