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Burned Converters Are A Thing Of The past! This is a very common issue that we have been facing since the late 90’s. It would be more common on on the heavie…

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sirreal ism says:

Great vid. I use the sonnax valve Part #98892-04k. Most of your
transmission parts suppliers should have it in stock and its about 22$
permanent fix

SonofGodly says:

what honda is the trans u are working on in this video.Thanks again for all
ur vids

josiahtubo says:

will you recommend to install a new torque converter on a B7TA whole

bill blyth says:

awesome thanks excellent vid

jomaja2 says:

Great job! Thank you for taking the time to do the video. It would appear
the key is to take your time, keep things clean, and use the proper torque.

Rolando Manuel says:

Love your video! Keep them coming.

David Smith says:

Superior now has a kit that comes with valves springs and end plugs that
use o rings for sealing. I have used it in the last few Hondas I have done.
Works great. A bit pricey but worth it. Also contains a few other small
parts to correct issues after overhaul.

jimmy neutron says:

Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have, there will be more happy
customers all around the world. It is so nice to see a true mastering and
skillful work that people can have with dedication and good work ethics.
you make great videos.

chris ramos says:

hey hiram i really like your vids. I was wondering if you had any vids on
accord baxa/maxa. as i will be attempting my first rebuild.

thany you

Spray sprayMan says:

Great video. Perfectly explained. Thank you so much.

MrJeremys2388 says:

how much would it cost to rebuild my b7xa transmission?

Jonathan Barlow says:

Do you have to also replace the Torque Converter, or can you re-use the
blue one once you’ve repaired the transmission?

Shiny James Lamoureux says:

this makes me glad to drive standard, I still think autos are for lazy
asshles who go to fast and wait at green lights. too much proof of just
this. thanks very much for the info

Hiram Gutierrez says:

En los civic no es necesario hacerlo. La falla es mas comun en los accord y
las odyssey. Pero si quieres estar mas seguro, pues si se lo puedes hacer.

bettermanbrown says:

I have 2000 Honda accord v6 with 170,000. Last week I had problems with
transmission.I had two option either replace it or rebuilt it. Replacing
cost less than $2000 depends on the mileage of the transmission from
junkyard on your own risk. I decide to rebuilt it which cost me $3000 with
one year warranty.Neither i can buy new car right now nor I wanna fix it
for that much money .But I have no option to fix it.

Hiram Gutierrez says:

Hey, thanks for your comment, You have really made my day. If you feel that
any part of this video is worthy for anything you guys do, feel free to
edit or modify whatever you need from it. Thanks for all your good articles
in Transmission Digest Magazine. Like always, I’m a good fan of you guys.
Say hello to Wayne for me…thanks.

manvir sidhu says:

Hey bro I open my transmission aging and have two gears damage one on
selector and one on clutch drum side big gears

872003lmg says:

Hiram Gutierrez nice video but people have desperately needed your advise
and questions pertaining to this video and in the past 5 months you have
not replied back to no one shame on you buddy

7639088 says:

Where can I get some copys of the valve body parts names

777rommel says:

hola, primero que todo muchas gracias por esta informacion que es muy util.
una pregunta, yo tengo una 2000 honda odyssey y la transmission esta
empesando a darme problemas. lo que esta haciendo es que cuando va de
primera a sunda se acelera y luego dentra a segunday en reversa dentra
vienagresivamente. yo quisiera hacerle todo un rebuilt pero no se conseguir
las partes o lo que necesito comprar! muchas gracias por tomar tu tiempo y
halludar a otras personas!!!

Hiram Gutierrez says:

Did you disassemble the transmission all the way? The drums and replaced
the piston O rings?

Hiram Gutierrez says:

The more common problem would be the torque converter shuddering. But a
misfire will also cause the car to shake unless you throttle up then it
goes away. If there’s a misfire present, when the torque converter engages
there is a direct connection from the engine to the wheels. This increases
the load on the engine and the misfire is more pronounced. Once the RPM
raises the misfire is felt less and the vibration seems to go away. If
your’e 100% sure there’s no misfire,the converter is the issue.

manvir sidhu says:

New filter new clutches I have to do inspection aging let you know

Richard Vert says:

Hey I just finished a B7XA out of a 99 accord. I have a small tube 40mm by
8mm left over. Does this go under the linear sol assembly ? I have the ones
w/the screens in. This looks like maybe a drainback vent ? Haven’t seen it
in the couple Hondas I’ve done so far.

digitalblasphemy1100 says:

Hi Hiram, I have been following your videos for some time and decided to
tear my 98 Accord V6 tranny down and fix it. It had the hard shifts, no
shift problems and I have ordered my repair kit. My question is should I
replace my torque converter or rebuild it or should it be okay? If it’s
bad, is there a way to repair it instead of buying a new one and also, is
there a way to test it outside the vehicle? I have already taken the tranny
apart so it would be helpful to know. Thanks so much!

ZekeComa says:

Is it easier to work on a manual or automatic on a personal preference? I
have a V6 Mustang auto. I notice it vibrates during a specific speed range
I think 40-50 unless you throttle a little more, but there is no slippage.
Would this be a transmission problem?

tech6023 says:

Hi, I’m having trouble with a B7TA I just rebuilt. Trans Delays into into
1st and gets worse when warm. Cleaned all valve bores with bench buddy’s.
verified sol C and Sol A good. Any ideas where I messed up? Trans came to
me in a box.

Lijin Joy says:

Hi Hiram, thank you so much for explaining all this. You have encouraged me
to rebuild my tranny on my own. I have a question. How does making a groove
on the end plug help it seal better unless you put an oring on that groove.

manvir sidhu says:

My car when hot not going backward some time

Hiram Gutierrez says:

I recomend all, but for Hondas you only get one chance, if its dragging or
stuck you need to remove the whole unit and disassamble all the way to the
valve body to get to the stuck valves. Its not much of a big deal on units
thet you can remove the pan to get to the valve body.

Hiram Gutierrez says:

Line to lube is a circuit that most tranny’s have but become less efficient
as you see on this video. The valve sticks and the line to lube circuit
becomes inoperative. On Hondas there are 2 circuits, Line to Lube and Line
to Converter charge, Line to Converter Charge is very critical because if
it is restricted the converter will starve for fluid and will get damaged.
It gets so hot that the metal becomes blue. That’s where the Blue
converters phrase came from that we all tranny guys know.

ATSGcompany says:

Good instructional video. Keep up the great work.

S0Wicked says:

my make a howling noise when come to a stop…is my trans/converter going

Hiram Gutierrez says:

@J30A1TypeR Text me your number and I call you back. 281-258-1198 is my
personal cell #.

dmorley100 says:

Thanks a bunch for clarifying that being as I’m tryin to learn the
transmission side of the business. Have now subscribed to your channel.

serge d says:

Hi , great video ! my question is ,my 2001 accord v6 j30a1 sedan on cold
start and go difficulty up 1 to 2 feeling sliding but after one
acceleration probleme gone .I live in winter region in summer noting
happening tranny shift nice .oïl level is good and new.Do you have any idea
? … sorry for my English ! thanks !

vince king says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make videos and explain so much.
When I was young I rebuilt lots of 350 turbos and they always worked. I
have had such bad luck with newer tranmission so I have been paying a lot
of money to to out source my transmissions. I decided I wanted to tackle my
honda Odessy myself but was very nervous. Now after watching you videos I
think I figure out a lot of my problems. I am going to buy some bench
buddies. With all your tips I am going in confident.

manvir sidhu says:

I’m going to dissemble all transmission and also replace o rings piston

manvir sidhu says:

It’s going hwy 120km no problems what you think sir please advise me thinks

eksine53 says:

Hi Hiram, I have a 2001 Accord V6, what would it cost to have my
transmission fixed/rebuilt if it did break down?

manvir sidhu says:

Today I’m driving my car it’s Daley to change gears I here grinding noise I
got code p730

CHIBA280CRV says:

Very informative , thank you friend..

Hiram Gutierrez says:

Filters are very common to get restricted. The tranny has to be clean
otherwise it will clog filter and will stop moving. Is the filter new?

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