Head Gasket Repair, Install, Replacement on a Honda Civic..How to repair a blown head gasket!

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Basic Head gasket repair. Showing you the Replacement prep and Install on a 2000 Honda Civic with a D16y8 ! Just so people can see how to change/replace/fix or repair their own blown engines head gasket! Also, if your just getting started check out my how to remove cylinder head video on my channel! Thanks….
A quick note about head warpage….depending on the cause of your head gasket failure, you may need to have the head and/or block resurfaced at a machine shop. Having this done is not always necessary but may be required if one or both of your head gasket mating surfaces is out of the manufactured specified range for head and block warpage. Accurately measuring this using a precision straight edge and the feeler gauges as shown in this video is a vital step and should not be overlooked.

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GreyNation2008 says:

Nice vid… Is there a part one to this video? I’d need to see you taking
the cylinder head off etc…. Thanks.

Macewrx says:

I own a K20a3 civic SIR 2002 stock 100% I bought skunk2 low profile valve
cover washers and head bolts Can I change the head bolts one at a time
or do i have to remove every one at the same time in order ?? I would
like to get away with as little work as possible Some say I have to take
the cams out which seems like alot of work PLEASE RESPOND

Rick Parker says:

The head bots should be replaced. After they are torqued down the bolts
stretch. And over time with motor getting hot then cold the bolts loose
there strength. 

Johnny Irwin says:

what is the music to this, looked up Antigua and it aint the same song.
Also doing a head gasket replacement, thx for the tips bro.

Teodoro Harris says:

Do any one know how to repair a center bolt tread on a valve cover for a
1994 Honda civic ex D16 engine

David G says:

my 96 EX has 200k, but runs perfect and doesn’t burn oil.. i think i’m ok
for quite more time right? it runs very cool , sometimes goes below 180

Jeff Tee says:

@David G, you really only change a head gasket when it blows. It’s not
necessarily on a maintenance replacement schedule or anything. 

arenaseparabe says:


Manuel Solivan says:

Thinking about doing this what name brand should I use? I heard that ishino
Is the oem supplier has anyone used an ishino head gasket set?

nickbeam02 says:

not really sure what happened in this video, I was so intrigued by the
music I forgot what I was doing….great video

BackyardSlick says:

LOVE your vids man, great work

777ARTic says:

Thank you as very informative even the slightly different motor. Going to
do it tomorrow now and save over $1000.00 on doing it myself. I might swear
at the manifold bollts/nuts thou 😉 Thank you

Pro Scott says:

Maybe some are…but I haven’t came across any. If they are rolled then
you’ll have a lot of resistance and material being removed when trying to
clean the threads.

MrSlowestD16 says:

I hear ya. Much appreciated. I don’t precautionary do it unless I know the
motor will be under a HEAVY amount of stress (constantly). Though I feel
most people if you asked them wouldn’t even know what the hell a straight
edge is, none-the-less anything about checking the flatness. Hell, I’ve had
2 different people who didn’t know each other say that they believe warped
heads are a myth!

videogameland says:

Is this similar to replacing a head gasket on a k20 civic si? thanks.. or
should i take it to the dealer..? I never done this before.

James Hoffman says:

I dropped the oil pan and took the oil pick up off and cleaned them all
out. There was a very think gunk on the bottom of the pan and in the oil
pick up. I suppose I could have just changed the oil and drive it, but it
needed a pan gasket anyways.

oldgreen100 says:

Thank you!!! Im doing head gaskets on a Ford V8 and i was really confused
with cleaning the mating surfaces!!!

islamic center of stockton says:

thanks for the video i like the song in background what does it call

Ryan Yates says:

How long with every thing would this all take?

Pro Scott says:

Thanks man! Bout time for some new ones but need to get a new computer for

Alan McRae says:

Thanks for the great video. Where did you order the studs from?

Van Rasem says:

0:17 do you have bent valves look at 2 and 3 looks like you have got 2 bent
valves and my car got same problem is that normal ?

yeev92 says:

I mean not explain and tell me what tools I need

playstation2bigs says:

is it okay to use a liquid sealant to the head gasket ???

Pro Scott says:

A 95 lx is very similar to this engine so you shouldn’t have a problem!
Have fun…

Pro Scott says:

All these steps are pretty generic for changing any head gasket. but the
model specific stuff like torque pattern and specifications or whether or
not you’ll have to remove the cam on a K20 I’m not to sure of. You’ll want
to have a repair manual with you as your doing this job anyway. As far as
doing it yourself…..that is up to you! You might have problems but since
you did it yourself, you can just redo it for little cost:) good luck

Jake Lopez says:

Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! jk

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