1999 Ford ranger IAC valve repair

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Troubleshooting and repair of 1999 ford ranger IAC valve.


icemanfiveoh says:

I used throttle cleaner. It was def. not electrical cleaner. i had to do it
a few times and keep looking at it.

John Weigold says:

Did you spray Electric Parts Cleaner in the valve or throttle cleaner?
Mine is doing something similar, but I tried to clean it once a while
back, maybe I didn’t use the right stuff.

Ralph Trepp says:

Thanks cleaned the IAC runs great, was about to take it to my mechanic you
saved me $$$$$$ greatly appreciated!!!!!

Em6726 says:

I have a the same engine but the year is 2000. My problem is the opposite.
My engine idles fine but when I take off and shift from 1st to 2nd and so
forth, the engine idles extremely high. As soon as I put a load on the
engine (down shift to come to a stop) the engines rpm settles down but then
It returns to high rpms on take-off and settles down when down shifting. I
removed and replaced the IAC valve, TPS, Fuel Filter, and PCV. WTF the
problem is still there…high rpm between shifting. Anyone have a clue as
to what the malfunction is? 

icemanfiveoh says:

My first thought would be fuel pressure regulator or a fuel pump. If the
truck has a lot of miles then that is what i would suspect.

adrian120708 says:

hi can u tell me the firing order on the coils? do is goes 1 bottom left 2
upper right 3 bottom right 4 upper left? on coil?

wrhare1 says:

ive got a 94 ford ranger and i get rough idle and a code 33 which is rough
idle … I’m thinking this iaf might be the key here. I have 260k on it so
bound to be dirty…

Tyler Petit says:

I have this truck! Shit just falls off and OMG it just sucks!! ENGINE

Scott Brew says:

i did the cleaning on my 98 ford ranger. it kind of worked for a little but
then it crashed again lol.. so like anyone i took it to the computer and
the code was same Idle Air Control Valve or Mass Air Flow. the MAF 200+
dallors so im gonna get a new IAC first, let ya know how it works out.

purockside says:

Exact same problem that my ’01 ranger has.

shane williams says:

hi i have a 96 ford ranger 5 speed its ildes high when the heat and air is
on and when i push the clutch in it still does it i cleaned the iac but it
didnt work do u know what could be wrong

JRBFilmz says:

I own a 1995 Ford ranger that still works relatively well. Except lately I
have had a couple of problems. Sometimes after driving 10 or 15 minutes my
overdrive light begins to flash and will not stop until I turn the truck
off. Also, I have broken down a fair amount of times in the middle of the
road because the engine shuts off. Do you think it might be the gas pump?
Now I don’t really break down but can’t get the truck to turn over every
now and again. Any help would be appreciated thank you

icemanfiveoh says:

I just used carb and choke cleaner. You can get it at any auto parts store
or hardware store. You can even get it from walmart. Good luck and let me
know what happens.

gazija85 says:

thnx for the video dude! me and my buddy just fixed our 99 ford ranger!
after replacing O2 sensors it was still runnning like crap. we were going
to replace spark plugs and cables as well, but after celaning the IAC valve
truck runs like new again!

bigvan98 says:

i have a 3.8 windstar and mine idles really low in drive when holding the
brake say at a light. I cleaned this iac and mass air flow and throttle
body, no difference. vaccuum lines seem to be ok. The car idles so low it
sometimes dies. But when it is running at 55+ on hwy it is a champ. any

fromthenorthwest says:

@icemanfiveoh thanks my 03 Ranger just started having these problems i’m
gonna clean the iac

Hotrodx199 says:

I have an 87 Ranger 2.3 EFI Lima and it wont stay running until its warmed
up and running for a little bit. Do i need the MAF Sensor? Somebody put a
cold air intake and its just hanging out, what do i do?

JJ Glo says:

Yeah, I have had to change the IAC twice now. The first time I cleaned the
IAC with Throttle body cleaner and it seemed to fix it for a while, then it
messed up again, so I kept cleaning it until one day it just died. I think
the TB cleaner got into the electrical part of the IAC and probably damaged
it. I bought a new one at Autozone which was around $80.00 bucks but it
came with lifetime warranty. It lasted less than 3 months then it started
whistling again so I got a new one for free.

Eddy says:

Same thing happened to me and mine was the IAC.

icemanfiveoh says:

@fromthenorthwest I thought the same thing when i did it. i just kept
spraying and letting it sit in there a while.

blucas1216163 says:

My 96 dodge ram does the same exact thing. It happened a few times over the
winter, then the other day it started doing it every time i started it up.
Im cleaning the IAC valve and the throttle body tomorrow, lets hope it
fixes the problem 🙂

cvmiata says:

@crf250x33 really? i have one with 181000 miles and runs fine so far… put
on 9000 miles already.

streetraiderx says:

lol I been screwing around with my f150 for weeks what a pain I did the
same as you plug wires, plugs fuel filter. if it isnt the IAC it can be a
ignition pack, but even if you vehicle is running rough or idles weird it
never hurts to clean that IAC.

mongyaj says:

My celica has the IAC problem too. It idle fine but it effect when u
accelerate. It burge or surge on gear 3. Went to the scrap yard and found
one that is ok. The IAC need to be fully closed for it to operate
correctly. All the IAC i found have gap. It is also use as a motor control.
Your is easy to repair or change. Compare to mine. I need to open the
throttle body to get to it.

JustGoogleIt says:

check fuel pressure….you even read the codes? to me it sounds likea weak
fuel pump

Dustin Benton says:

My 98 has 167k 🙁 im afraid to drive it with the fear of it leaving me on
the side of the road.. just replaced the alternator and serpentine belt..
next will be that damn rattling exhaust!!! LOL

joe mac says:

175,000 miles on that truck,wow.I bet you need to clean off and replace
alot of parts.

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