I bought a 2016 FORD EXPLORER from COPART salvage auction – PART 1

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Welcome to my channel where I rebuild totaled cars from Copart or IAAI insurance auto auction. In this video, I cover the bid process and assess the damages requiring repairs.


John Durbin says:

Silver would look good cuz you got a strip of silver on the side

Kartoon Olivar says:

Go with the black grill it look more better then chrome

Paul K. says:

Black grill

Safin Gias says:

Black grill for sure

Daniel Rubio says:

Black mirrors black grille

Ali Farah says:

Black grill🤙👌

The Beast says:

Black with black sport Explorer Rims!

Daniel Jon says:

The black .I think that's the best look but also the most stylish


use the black one

Ben Vasilinda says:

I like the black grill a lot better but ur vehicle doesn’t seem sporty enough for that grill so stick to the plain look and go with the silver one.

Iran Calzada says:

black grill

ludvig tande says:

Black grill. Will add guy value👍

Pro gamer Xd addition says:

Black grill

toddster772008 says:

Black grille mofo! 👍😜✌️

Andrew D says:

A lot of the parts inside are reusable? You're aware that they were what took the impact in the collision?

curtis harris says:

Black grill

AJ La says:

Black grill but black out the wheels as well, if not do the silver

James McIntyre says:

Use the black grill it looks better

Nicholas Cars says:

Silver grill looks better to me maybe to you

Robert Clark says:

My wife hit a deer with our 2014 kia soul.Travelers insurance totaled it because radiator busted and some front damage. The airbag was the downfall.We are sick. Car was fixable imo. They took it to a copart yard in Greer S.C.. Anyway to follow as it sells?

Eric Resendiz says:

Silver grill gives it a better look!

Manuel Esquibel says:

Use the black grill and get some black rims would look dope

Josh McCall says:

Black grille, it looks a lot better and will go good with the color of the suv

Jason Ortez says:

Black grill

Rafi naman says:

When will the next vid be out

Hani Alkhfaji says:


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