How To Install Repair Replace Exterior Door Handle Ford Explorer 98-04

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Close 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken or snapped off…


Stephen King says:

What size bolts and what type nuts do you recommend for this project?

Steve Svensson says:

Your video was a great help. Thanks!

Alexplus20 says:

My outside car door handle (2004 kia sorento) came loose. Can these things
fall off when driving?

Frank Johnson says:

outstanding video on how to replace this handle had a friend that is a car
dealer and tried to do it himself he worked on it for about 6hrs and still
wasn’t able to fix it, i was pretty sure i knew how to do but watched your
video just in case i had it out and new one back in, in about 20mins door
panels and all thanks for the help

Chris MacLean says:

excellent video, exactly what i was hoping to find. Never did this work
before but managed to get it done in half an hour. Thanks alot!

Jesse Vasquez says:

Hi I own a 1991 ford explorer and the rod latch for the exterior door
handle has come undone and the clamp is missing is the clamp easy to

Robert Sandoval says:

I was wondering if this repair would be similar to repairing the outside
door of a 97 Ford Thunderbird in any way??

Barnett Ohara says:

What if my door is jammed closed and I can’t release it from being shut?

Riley Pop says:

@covault4yeshua what video did you use to do back doors

chrisbernier7ify says:

Awesome video, thank you so much for posting this! Was using a Haynes
manual and it just said to detach the door latch actuator, no pictures, no
help. Just like the previous commenter (covault4yeshua), I was stumped at
getting to it until this video showed me how to move the window track.
Thanks for saving me a ton of money on a mechanic!

1A Auto Parts says:

If you look at the clip it may just attach to the rod, some times they just
clip on.

Andrew Oelfke says:

I’m wanting to replace the door on my 92 Ford Crown Vic, Im more worried
about the wireing. Im wonding if I cant use the old wires on the new door
that I bought, also just some general help with it.

Wil' Washington says:

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT. My tailgate door handle snapped internally
but the handle is still attached. Was told it is some plastic piece that
needs to be replaced. Do you guys have a video detailing that that would be
useful to me? Thanks!!

1A Auto Parts says:

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Have a great day!

1A Auto Parts says:

They don’t come with bolts. You can either attach them with rivets like the
factory had done, or you could get a couple of small bolts from your local
hardware store.

Fernando Magdaleno says:

ok ill give it a try these weekend thanks….

Parmesana says:

never realized how many things go wrong with an Explorer.. I have done some
work myself and videos like this are VERY helpful THANKS.

Tricia Robello says:

@Cristofre After reading some of the post I went and bought the nuts and
bolts prior to getting my handles from “1aauto”, they came with the nuts
and bolts 🙂 really nice flat head black bolts painted black.

Mac McClanahan says:

Thanks Mike! Saved me a lot of trouble.

Josh Bolden says:

I have a 2001 Explorer and I got to the yellow clip its reversed and can’t
seem to take it out.. HELLLLP


Great video. well produced, and well explained. I have never used your
company for parts before, but I will now.

Rory Bertram says:

Wanted to give a huge thank you for a great video. Any advice on how to
replace a handle if the door won’t open?

1A Auto Parts says:

We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows you how to make
this particular repair. We’ll keep this in mind during any future repairs
that we may make.

Tricia Robello says:

UPDATE… with the back door that would not open from the inside or outside,
took out the two bolts that hold the seat to the floor, the seat lifts up
hinged and out of the way. With front seat moved all the way forward plenty
of room to work. Had the other door panel off so I knew where the clips
were, starting at the bottom of the door under the speaker got that clip
out , it went great from there THANKS and WOW received handles in less than
48 hours after ordering with your free shipping.

Tiffany Black says:

just wanr to say thabk yiu fof postubg this video i was able to put my
handle on myself with your help. thank you

Christy Snodgrass says:

My door handle has been kinda loose for a while now. I wondered if it was
something that needed to be replaced… apparently I need to do it before
it breaks and I can’t open the door anymore. I had no idea that it was such
a common problem in Explorers. Thanks for all of your videos!

1A Auto Parts says:

Thank you for visiting our channel on YouTube. Have a great day.

beta0blaster says:

I have a 1996, will this method still work? I’ve opened up the door before
and everything looks pretty similar from what I remember.

diplomatsking says:

Thank you! This was very detailed and helped completely…took me two days
because my previous window repair wasnt correct but I got it! I will
recommend you guys!

illicitdolphin says:

I have a problem with my door handle breaking. I have bought 2 doors
handles in the past month and it seems they are breaking because of the
window regulator. When I installed the second one I realized it. The bulky
part of the handle that holds the latch bar on the inside gets caught
behind the top bar of the window regulator. Seems as though the window
regulator should be somehow adjusted further out so that the handle won’t
get stuck and break. Is this possible? Manufacturer defect maybe?

1A Auto Parts says:

Thanks for checking us out. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts says:

We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows this repair. If
you remove the interior door panel off of the tailgate, you should be able
to look inside and see what may have broke. Hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts says:

The Mustang might be different, we currently do not have an auto repair
video for that particular repair. Here’s a video that will show you how to
remove the door panel so that you can service it.

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