Ford Explorer 02-08 HeaterTreater blend door repair video

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Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer 02-08 HeaterTreater diagnosis/repair video. Shows a relatively easy method to access the blend door actuator motor and eva…


2gzandaki says:

i followed this video step by step and replace the blend door with no
problems..thanks it saved me $600

David Middleton says:

My bad its at the time 5:20 !!!

Hawkpilot10 says:

Thank you for the quick removal guide. I did not cut the panel I was able
to fit my hand in behind and work the actuator out pretty easy.

Stuart Pollack says:

I’m in KC, and just got quoted $1,442 for the Air box assembly. Can someone
help me find a cheaper person to fix this? Do I need a Ford part #?

Steve Whalen says:

This video was extremely helpful. I did the repair exactly as you have
shown and it took two hours. Saved a lot of money. Chris, you saved
Christmas!!! Thank you.

1801penny says:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I saved $650.00 by doing this myself
watching your video. No way did I want to pay the Auto Repair Shop that
much money in labor for such an inexpensive part. I’m also a 49 yr.old
woman who did this all on my own with your video. Thanks again….. 🙂

Michael Ballone says:

Inginuity at its finest! Thank You kind Sir!

locustgrovecolts says:

I just finished doing this repair on my 2005 Ford Explored. It was a
success and I saved over $350!!!. I followed your video step by step( had
my laptop on back seat). I only had to replace the blend door motor. The
gears were stripped in the motor. Thanks for taking the time to put this

Jerry Vanover says:

Good video………Took me about 45 minutes, pausing and playing through
the process…..And about 20 minutes to put everything back together.
And….the dash panels got a good cleaning in the process. Thanks so much.
New part works perfect. J. Vanover

Daniel Thacker says:

This product and instruction video saved me over $1000.

vince pizono says:

your video was helpful in what not to do. There is no reason to take out
the cluster or cut the dash.You made more work for youself indoing so. This
job takes about 2 -3 hours the most to do if you never did it before. Its
not that complexed the way you made it out to be. Yes you are a Butcher

David Middleton says:

Used your advice and it worked great. You can’t even see the cuts in the
frame. Saved over $900 with your tutorial! Thanks a million! The only
advice I would be super careful with is the speedometer. When you
disconnect the cable pernudal indicator 5:25…make sure you are super
careful. Other than that, I was easy to accomplish with these videos!

2gzandaki says:

i followed this video step by step and replace the blend door with no

acalderonish says:

you saved my husband $700. Thank you for paying my bills!

chrisgallen7 says:

Cutting into the plenum box sounds ridiculous if you are prepared to pay
exorbitant mechanics rates to do it “right”. The cuts are completely out of
sight and only the owner will know what was done. There will always be a
lot of different opinions, the choice is yours. We’ve done thousands of
these and the repair is effective and permanent. Even if you decide to
completely remove the dash, you’re better off installing our metal doors
the “hard way”.

EPICRC2007 says:

Thanks for the video – The only thing I did different was instead of
multiple cuts to the plastic, I loosened the two bolts undreneath the
steering column, pulled and broke it only in the middle. After then taking
out the screw POINTING TOWARDS YOU on the metal (behind that plastic), I
could pull the side blocking the motor out far enough to access all three
bolts. Took about 2 hours……And I’m a 38 year old woman 🙂

Redytoosnap says:

installed a new ” Heater Treater ” blend door actuator motor in our 2005
ford explorer today. took about 2 hours maybe alittle less with out the
breaks from frustration in between. did not cut dash or anything like
that..was very tight though. but I want to give a big thanks for posting
the video and links for the products. works great and now I do not worry
about the wife driving in cold weather with no defrost ! oh and saved a lot
of money doing it our selves. thanks again ! 🙂

Texster Allen says:

The HeaterTreater replacement door is form/fit correct and can be installed
with either the easy cut/patch method or complete removal of the plenum
box. Either way, you are much better off with stronger components that
won’t break again. Actually if you are taking the time or expense of
tearing down the truck, you should strongly consider our steel doors so
that you don’t have to do it again in a year. The choice is yours and you
can rely on expert engineering or goofball comments.

lamadequeso says:

I don’t know why Ford is more difficult than other to replace a heater core
or evaporator? Do They design or They make it litter by litter?

Ron Davis says:

wow almost 4500 views, Hey ford why not warrenty the defecttttt

Taino Montana says:

Great informational video I did this today & it took me about 3 hrs. But
that was taking smoke & drink breaks hey its the weekend!

croppi08 says:

Thanks buddy watch this today and went and pick up the part came home and
had it done in 2hrs my wife is happy her heat works and we did not pay a
arm&leg to get it done

Texster Allen says:

We have the ability to delete unfavorable responses, but have chosen to
leave this one up as an example. We receive comments like this frequently
and it’s always a mechanic protecting his territory. Replacing blend doors
is not hard work and the shop can rack up huge hours and fees for simple
work. Yes, our fix is a “hack” and you can always take the advice of the
“professionals” and pay big bucks to “do it right”…it’s your choice. The
fixes work and can be done at far less expense.

David Last says:

you are showing people how to butcher there car , I wouldnt let you change
a light bulb in my table lamp

jonathan10172003 says:

Thank you Chris. The cuts were very descriptive. They do not cause any
structure damage whatsoever. Not to mention, the plastics cover all of
them. bigvince and david are jealous because you just helped Ford Explorer
owners how to save a lot of money. I drilled small holes by the cuts and
zip tied them together to avoid any noise caused by vibration. Thank you
again. if you are in the mountains of Colorado, beers and bourbon are on me!

Texster Allen says:

YouTube does not allow direct links to web sights. You’ll have to use a
little creativity to search our company name, HeaterTreater, to get to our
sight. (spelling errors intentional).

mrsward05 says:

hi i watched the video and said to myself if got too be a better way i
watched the video 6 times before i read the comments after reading the
comment i went in too only to see that all you really have too do is move a
few thing that might be in the way but most of all my wife is happy and the
job is done thanks dont know much but if my id shows up on here and u need
my help leave a text and ill try again thanks

Texster Allen says:

@tcash158 Check with us on our web site for more information. This is a
problem with the mode door that controls the switch between
floor/dash/defrost and we can provide additional information.

Texster Allen says:

@texster68 Lots of comments positive and negative. Feel free to ask direct
question on our web site. There are lots of second hand quotes from Ford
dealers. The engineering team at HeaterTreater has a much better grasp of
the problems and solutions than the dealer and can resolve all the issues
with the HVAC system at much lower cost….Guaranteed! Note that the “girly
hands” comments apply to the earlier Explorer and we have a better solution
for that vehicle.

fredsac37686 says:


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