2002 Ford Explorer Thermostat Housing Coolant Leak Repair Part 1

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Purchase the complete kit for this repair here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G8XN5LO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00G8XN5LO&linkCode=as2&tag=aupaditoyo-20&linkId=5PGPLV5ALDTLYCKU

Learn to diagnose and repair a 2002 Ford Explorer coolant leak. In this video we are replacing the thermostat housing where the coolant was leaking.

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As7xUNY0S_I


Zan Glenn says:

So my 03 escape is leaking coolent when the motor get hot and settle down
is that the housing on the thermostat

Sean Thompson says:

Good video, thanks. Looks like ordering these parts from you and doing it
myself could save me about $225.00 wow…

MIKUKIA11 says:

Thank you! I watched the whole thing but I have zero experience but at
least I’ll know what I’m talking about when I go back to the mechanic.
Also, it will be great to mention the prices of the parts or tool you use,
just so, again, women like myself would know if we are being cheated by the
mechanics. Thanks again!

CASO says:

Whoever is recording did a horrible job. Shouldve gotten closer so we can
see the things he’s actually talking about

I3igmoon says:

Anyone else notice the cat walking under the truck he is working on? Hope
he did not spill any coolant on the ground draining the system. Animals
love the taste of coolant.

Antonio Restrepo says:

Very informative, but the camera sometimes misses the action. I’m not a
skilled mechanic, but with the help of this video, I was able to make the
repair and save at least a 100 bucks. Thank you Auto Parts Direct!!.

mvillan666 says:

Not very helpful with the camera 20 feet away.

bfddr0x says:

Hi, I ordered this kit as I was having this problem. I went to take out
the bad thermostat, when I was removing the bolts from the upper housing
the back was rounded. I’m having a hell of a time trying to get this bolt
out. I’ve grabbed a bolt extractor socket, but as you know there’s little
space to get any sort of wrench into a socket to turn it. I’ve tried with
channel locks and a set of small vice rips on the socket, no luck. Any
recommendations on how I could get around this to remove the thermostat to
install the new one?

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@AutoWizardful Thanks for the feedback. I am sorry you do not like our
video. As auto technicians ourselves, we try to explain everything so
everyone can understand it. The housing may be upside down when we are
showing it to you, but luckily there is only one way it can bolt onto the
motor 🙂 Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!


I just had my entire thermostat housing replace due to leakage.with a new
thermostat but the gage inside the car is acting a little weird,noticed
this on the same day of replacement.is it normal? or should I get concerned

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@IOWNNU we have them for sale on our website at apdty.com you can enter
your year, make, model, engine size,, then look under the “Thermostat,
Housing & Rad. Cap” category.


yes he did

lewis121701 says:

Why are all Amerikan Cars Pieces of SHIT? Plastic Housing? Come on F.O.R.D

Mark L says:

Informative & helpful but the camera is always to low, sometimes missing
the focus of the video. Cheers !

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@sodarby We replaced both the upper and lower in this housing, as it is not
much more expensive to buy both parts and while you are in there, it is a
good idea to just replace both.

vnomous92 says:

Thanks for the video! The entire area around the thermostat housing on my
wife’s ’03 Explorer has a bunch of white “flakes” everywhere. Other than
normal maintenance, this will be the first work done to her motor in almost
186,000 miles. I ordered the housing (PN 013971) last night and looking
forward to getting it installed.

Daniel M. says:

ford sux

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@WendzDarKnight08 AutoWizardful is correct,, (about the seal, not about us
having no idea what we are doing,, haha,, I guess we can’t win em all 🙂 ).
but yes, it is likely your o-ring on the CTS (Coolant Temperature Sensor)
that is leaking. When the vehicle is cooled off, pull the sensor out and
inspect the o-ring to make sure it isn’t chipped, twisted, or hardened.
When you replace the o-ring it is a good idea to lubricate it with some
silicone based grease to ensure it seats properly. Thanks

Erik Olson says:

Thank you for this, I would not have been able to get this far

Othniel Yisrael says:

Do you have to replace the thermostat housing to stop the leak or can you
just replace the O ring

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

It all depends on your local repair labor rates and how much you pay for
the part, to save some money you can purchase the parts by following the
link below the video, and then try to find a local shop that will be
willing to install parts that you bring in yourself.

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@bulll911 Hi Bulll911, What is your year make and model? Maybe we can help
you figure out what is going on. Thanks!

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

Sorry to hear about the headache you are having. The system is not designed
to work with RTV, if it’s still leaking something must be causing it,
usually it is a poor seating surface for the o-ring to sit on (often caused
by corrosion pitting). As a last resort you can always try RTV, but I
cannot recommend it.

bulll911 says:

Hey guys, I am having some coolant slowly dripping down the backside of my
bell housing and my manual clutch. Not sure there are any lines back there,
and haven’t pressure tested it yet. Any idea??

Bob Diamond RPh says:

This is the first repair of a part, other than lighting, on this Explorer
with 160,000 miles on it,.. I saved about $95.00 by buying a new housing,
complete with thermostat, through Amazon.com. I put it on myself and saved
about $150.00 on labor. I put it back together, tested it for leaks and it
seems to be working fine now. It appears that I saved at least $250 and am
back on the road; not having to worry about water and anti-freeze loss
during July and August.

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@bulll911 The best thing to do is to have it pressure tested, I can think
of 3 things that would cause a coolant leak to appear there; From easiest
to fix, to worst: 1) Heater Hose or Heater Control valve 2) Lower Intake
Manifold Leak 3) Freeze Plug Leaking Each of these is a drastically
different repair, so it’d probably be worth a few bucks to have a shop
check it for the leak.

jz13able says:

If u pull the whole manifold ur an idiot u can get around it i know cuz i
did one yesterday took me 15 minutes

cesar56611 says:

You cant say All american cars are garbage because they use plastic for
coolant to run on, as far as I know about 90% of cars on the road use
plastic parts on their cooling system

Auto Parts Direct To You says:

@sidewalkid Check your intake manifold for leaks. Intake Manifold leaks are
really common and could possibly be whats causing your spark plugs to get

bulll911 says:

@APDTY Hey guys…sorry took so long, its a 92 ford explorer. I gave it to
a family member that needed a vehicle, but they put a radiator stop leak in
and has stopped the leak for now.

Jules Pellico says:

whould anyone know where i could get a o ring for the gasket on my 2005
ford explorer

Max Lauro says:

APDTY, does this kit work for 2002 Ford Explorer Sport?


good detail….just would have like to have seen more motor

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