2002 Ford Explorer – Repairing the power window

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Replacing/repairing the power window on a 2002 Ford Explorer. This video is a how to describing the process to replace the window regulator in the Ford Explorer.


moviemaker2011z says:

Me and my dad are having a problem on our 1993 ford explorer. The windows
won’t work at all except for the front right… But we are working on the
back driver side and the window motor works but the window won’t go down or
up, and the cable runs up the golden track and loops around these white
plastic things above and below the window and loops back to the motor.. And
it has a pumping like motion which we assume pushes and pulls the cable to
move the window. But my question is this
Is the cable bad or is the motor not grabbing hold of the cable to move it?

mtjnre says:

You cut out the parts that I wanted to see you do…

yatyas1 says:

LIFT up on the door panel BEFORE attempting to pull out on it !!! If you
don’t you will break off the plastic clips !!!

rlgdguy says:

Are you guys in the Boston area or are you just a Red Sox fan (the hat)?

TheyMightBeRacing says:

yes! 🙂

Jen ko says:

These things suck both back ones broke -:-(

SDSUJoe says:

For those of you with no dremel, I bought a 9″ metal sawsall blade to cut
the rivet out. It was definitely not ideal (took almost an hour just to cut
the rivet out), but I saved around $100 versus buying the dremel, the
‘skinny’ attachment, and the accessory for grinding the metal down. I was
disappointed when the window still didn’t operate well… Next week I’m
going to wipe out the track and spray in some pledge (like WD40 but doesn’t
attract dirt). I’ll check back if it works.

CoolasIce2 says:

What are your GPS coordinates there?

TheyMightBeRacing says:

@CoolasIce2 Err, What do you need my GPS coordinates for?

Charlie Farnsworth says:

Thanks for the help! We just replaced the regulators for the 2 back windows
on my son’s Explorer. What a chore! But it would have been impossible
without your video. Thank you!

fuasshole666 says:

yes it is, what doe’s he care?

jadehawk says:

Thank you for the video.. I have the exact problem same side too..
Something to do this weekend..

93seanmarty says:

Great Video, Just one tip. If you disconnect or break the plastic piece
that is attatched to the metal bracket with the rivet, (Mine was already
broken which is why I had to replace the unit) then remove the motor and
regulator assembly, you can slide the window nearly all the way down, and
there is an oval hole that lined up perfectly so that you can drill the
rivet out instead of trying to get a dremel in the door or some other
method more difficult. Easy repair. Thanks for the video!!!!

acrazyangel1 says:

My question is how to get the window up. When the plastic clip broke the
window was completely down. With the rain coming through northern az right
now I am kinds up a creek without a paddle. Also, do you repair these for
other people for a charge? If so, could you contact me at
nljenkins@yahoo.com. Thanks a bunch!

TheyMightBeRacing says:

Well, last time I checked the regulator (it comes as a single unit) was
about $150.00. But don’t quote me on that. Plus some labor, I’d say
somewhere in the $500.00 range. I never pay for labor, so I’m not totally

Sam Cintron says:

Thanks a million for this video. Ford wants to charge as much for install
as for the part (around $300 part+labor), now I can see why. I’ll give it
go first before they get my money. Any chance of you seeing a way to fix
that cheap plastic clip? Replacing it somehow?

TheyMightBeRacing says:

It’s either the switch, the motor, the regulator or the wiring. I would
recommend pulling the door panel and checking the wiring. Does the motor
make any sound when you try to raise/lower the window?

Philip Mayor says:

My service guy just ripped up whatever that white plastic sheet was and had
to cut through the metal of the old regulator to get it out. He didn’t take
the speaker off at all. Is there a way to tell if he’s messing it up? Is
that white sheet thing important?

TheyMightBeRacing says:

That’s why like vehicles with the minimum of electronics. Less things to

OneEyeJay says:

Cool vid, On my 2002 explorer my door panel came off a little different
then this one. everything else looks the same except after you remove the
upper and lower bolts that hold the panel on, I just had to lift the whole
panel straight up, it came off real easy.

TheyMightBeRacing says:

In regards to the speaker, that’s an ease of access thing. The white sheet
is to protect the interior of the car from ingress of water. You’ll find
that it’s gone by the wayside on many older cars. I personally like to try
to keep it intact, but I’ve also had it fall apart/tear in the past. If you
live in an especially wet environment you may want to consider replacing
it. To tell if he’s “messing it up”… does it work?

Kevin Krüger says:

This was fantastic, thanks. Following your instructions I did this in about
an hour. Really appreciate it.

Richard Bryan says:

Good job, thank you.

JayB Smooth says:

Dude u suck at it all you got to do is lift the panel off and slide it back
on.. And that’s it it only takes about 30-40 minutes to do.

MrNorcar2011 says:

It’s a great video! it’s very helpful! I have this problem and I know now
how to resolve it!

Torpedoization says:

The cable in my left front window assembly somehow snapped/tangled in the
motor housing. Searched here for a video and found yours. Lots of help.

TheTemest says:

Thought that would be the logical explanation. Thank you for the response.

Brett Slater says:

So what replaces the rivets on the new kit?

4Brendito4 says:

Im in AZ too. Working on a Windstar regulator and motor, and also ran into
trouble with the 2 rivets connecting the window channel bracket to the
glass. Did you drill out these two rivets, which have the round plastic
washers? I’m not going to be able to move forward without figuring out how
to get the glass off of the bracket, without breaking the glass.

TheTemest says:

What a nightmare for the novice. Time for some Wood wedges to jam in the
rubber guides and disconnect the power.

TheyMightBeRacing says:

Most of that is really straightforward. The only fiddly bit is the rivets,
and only because they can take a while to get out if they’re in there tight.

TheyMightBeRacing says:

So, I have never worked on a Windstar, so I cannot comment to the
differences. The Rivets that you drill out on an Explorer attach the
regulator to the window mechanism. If your Windstar is newer that might
explain the round plastic washers. Or are you talking about the channel
that runs across the glass? Try visiting my facebook and posting a picture.

jharrell77 says:

I’m about to do this today. I too ordered the same part on ebay from
am-autoparts. I hope its still working well for you? I did go ahead and buy
a dremel for $30 from wally world cause i needed one anyways. Thanks for
the added tidbits—Hope I can install mine in under an hour…

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