How To Install Repair Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Dodge Ram 1500 02-08

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Close 1A Auto shows you how to repair, replace, fix, change or install a worn out,…

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buggsyspam says:

Good video. I appreciate it, especially since you give torque numbers. I
need to do this, but I am expecting a big fight. I ended up paying someone
to do the rear breaks because I was only able to get one wheel off the hub.
The wheels them selves were so rusted on, I could not get them loose with a
15 lb sledge. :/ You didn’t mention putting on any thread locker. Is that
not really necessary?

Cris Butler says:

Great how to video, thanks my dodge just started growling yesterday…now
at least i know what im in for.

Takeachance says:

Thank you for the wonderful informational video. I was able to apply the
steps to my 06′ Ram. The only problem I have is the hub is rusted and I
don’t seem to be able to break it free.

san379 . says:

already had my bearings replaced.. 730$

1A Auto Parts says:

@VileLabyrinth001 Thanks for checking us out!

1A Auto Parts says:

It should come free for you like we show in the video.

Mike Marshall says:

Is the purpose of removing the axle to gain access to the three hub bolts?

Shane Sullivan says:

@1aauto – Well I thought it was done… discovered all my caliper bolts
stressed and broke off in the bolt they thread into… I tourqued to 25
ft/lbs… what did i do wrong? Was still easy and I appreciate the video…

Ricky Osteen says:

Is this the same for a 2wd model too?

1A Auto Parts says:

@tonyjoke If it’s giving you a hard time on the transmission end you can
use a small pry bar to help push it out of the transmission. It shouldn’t
take a whole lot of pressure to remove it. Hope this helps you out.

Jeff Emmons says:

I just removed the top a-arm from the knuckle and was able to remove it
with no problem. Thanks for all your help.

Denna Tracy says:

I know with a 98 dodge ram the bolts are a 9/16ths star bolt and it is
impossible to get off the truck the three bolts to the hub assembly is what
im speaking of

1A Auto Parts says:

If you have the older style ram with the cone style bearings, you would
have to replace them and repack them with your hand.

8SEC6SPD says:

wow cool video, nice to see this type of detail for some folks who aren’t
too sure. I have a rubbing sound which is cyclical, and the sounds speeds
up and slows down as i acxcelerate and/or decelerate. i guess next thing to
do is to confirm it is the wheel bearing. at this point I am not certain.
the last time i had it replaced by a shop, which is unfortunately out of
business. i don’t drive my truck much, and it appears to be the wheels
bearing on the drivers side. i am going to check it.

1A Auto Parts says:

Your Dodge Magnum may be a different process. You may be able to apply some
of the basic steps shown in this video to your application.

DriftingFWWA says:

Nice video. However I don’t think it’s necessary to pull out the entire
axle, I think you can just knock it out of the hub, turn the hub a bit and
pop the end of the axle out of the way to get to the three bolts behind the

1A Auto Parts says:

@OAM6988 Yes it should be the same if not very close to the 4WD minus the

Jimboh99100 says:

@docdave1978 Had to remove the upper “A” arm from the wheel assembly then
it was easy to remove and put the axle back on.

1A Auto Parts says:

The driver side and passenger side are going to be the same for the R&R of
the axle.

vmx1200 says:

The video shows you pulling the CV joint/tranny side first, then pulling
the axle out of the hub.(removal step) I am having the exact same issue

finaddict1969 says:

Great video, got me out of a jam Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Scot Guber says:

Thanks for the video. Very helpful. I followed the instructions. My CV axle
would not come out as shown but the easy fix to that is to remove the tie
rod and the upper A-arm and the wheel assembly fold away giving very easy
access for removal of the axle. Only added 15 minutes to the project.

DK62 says:

I have a 2004 dodge ram 3500 with a rubbing sound in the drivers side area.
Do you think this is what I am looking at replacing? Also, will your video
here be the same on my hd vehicle? Thanks

adamsjuicedup47 says:

Is this similar to a 95 ram ram 2500

Justin Shearer says:

would it be the same on a 2wd as you did on this 4wd just minus out the

1A Auto Parts says:

@SDroogers If you’re having trouble on the hub bearing end, try to let the
suspension hang down as far as it will go to see if it helps.

Riley Tucker says:

Great video, everything was going perfect but I can just not get the
drivers side front axle out of the diff. Mines a 2008, do you know if there
is anything holding it in, inside the front diff??

MrElbowgrease says:

1A Auto, thanks for your wonderful video. I replaced my passenger side
easily following your directions. But I cannot get the half shaft off on
the drivers side? Is it different I have an 03 ram 1500 4×4. Thanks!

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