Auto Repair: Replace Front Axle CV Joint Dodge Durango Dakota 1998-03 –

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Close 1A Auto shows you the steps to remove and install the front axle CV joint on a 1998 Dodge Durango. This procedure is…

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kenhumphrey says:

Thanks for the video; question for you: my 99 Dakota Sport (5.2, auto, 231
part-time transfer case) has what appears to be the same setup as your 98
Durango. However, my factory service manual indicates that the steering
linkage and/or control arm needs to be disconnected to replace the CV axle.
Other videos show a lot of disassembly in order to change out the axle. It
doesn’t look like you did this, although clearly you were able to replace
the axle– did you do something that wasn’t shown in the video to get this
done? Thanks for your help!

Patrick O'Brien says:

I have a 2000 Dakota, and my CV axels look nothing like the ones you are
working on in this video. I do not have bolts to unscrew to get my axel
off. I need to remove my drivers side CV axel, and it is stuck. Prying,
hammering… what next?

1A Auto Parts says:

@jasonrussell1980 You may want to remove it so that it’s out of the way.

conraddavies says:

lets see if i can do it now lol

oldreddakota1995 says:

is this the same procedure for a 1995 dakota they take the same cv axle as
98 durango

1A Auto Parts says:

It could be a control arm, sway bar link, or a bushing causing the clunk.
Your best bet would be to get the front end up in the arm and check for
anything rotted or a spot where something appears to be missing.

Shauna Hunt says:

from 2000+ they changed the steering to rack and pinion, and changed
differentials ( I think it used to be a dana 35 but i’m not sure), and in
the process they changed the cv from a flange style to a spline style. for
those you match up the splines and then push them in while turning until
the c ring locks in.

1A Auto Parts says:

If it’s in good shape you can reuse it. If it’s all rusty and falling apart
you should replace it.

llharbin says:

This video was extremely helpful! Thank You!

leak690 says:

I have a 04 durango my truck is running hot only during the day ive
replaced the thermostat, when my gauge rises to the h i cut on the heat,
then the gauge begans to drop. what do you think the problem is?

Je Cling says:

my front axles look nothing like that either. No bolts hold it on. 2000

Diemorder says:


leemajors0831 says:


Sean Hanson says:

Great vid! How long is that extension you’re using on the impact to remove
the six inner bolts?

1A Auto Parts says:

This video should cover from 98-03, not sure why your axles would be
different on your vehicle. If there are axles in the front there has to be
some type of nut that hold it into place.

1A Auto Parts says:

You can as long as you do not have AWD and selectable 4wd.

xxTehZohan44xx says:

same thing, i have a 2001 4.7 quad cab 4×4, axle slides on as opposed to
being bolted on like in the video

David Tanis says:

can I drive without the front axles in (trying to save gas) thanks dave

rslaser91 says:

thank you so much for the quick feedback!

1A Auto Parts says:

it may be about 15″ or so.

rslaser91 says:

Is this the cause of the ‘Clunking” noise when i turn sharp? i have a 1991
Plymouth Laser RS and when i make a sharp turn to the left it makes a loud
clunking sound on the front passenger side wheel until i straighten the
wheel out almost all the way. Not sure if i have a bad CV Axle ? :/ please

James Downing says:

i have the same problem it slides in on the backside and is held by a snap
ring inside the shaft

Diemorder says:

would u sugest always replacing the cotter pin even if u take it out

Dexter Flamez says:

Can you guys be found anywhere in Houston? And Do you reassemble cars?

1A Auto Parts says:

@crissy7503 You could try to lift the Jeep up and turn the wheel by hand to
see if you can tell where the noise is coming from. If the axle is bent of
bad you may see the tire hop up and down. Hope this helps you out.

Woodenarrows says:

I appreciate all your efforts to do these videos, they are a big help to
all of us out here in the real world.

Wookiee1807 says:

Very good video… My 98 Durango 5.9l 4X4 has one of the caliper bolt holes
stripped on the spindle knuckle (passenger side) would you have any advice
as to the best route to repairing this? a HeliCoil just fell out with red
thread locker, and the dealership said the part was obsolete…. so i’m
stuck. I went to a Pick N Pull yard and they have the Totaled Durango up on
stands…. and not in gear. so I can’t remove the axle nut to get my
replacement Spindle Knucle off…. I’m at a loss.

Shift29 says:

my 02 durango shakes/losing control when hitting pot holes. i replaced both
front shocks and back ones.

flygirl658 says:


Michael Baughman says:

I have a 99 Dodge Dakota with oil leaking from front differential cv
flanged shafts more so on left side. I’ve gone to one part store( advanced
auto parts) and they could not order the seals. Could you give me some
insight on how to correct this situation, starting with the proper name of
the parts that I need to request at another parts store Thank you. Mike

Big Ed Mustafa says:

Great video guys, Thanks a lot!

1A Auto Parts says:

Thanks for checking us out. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

hp11208 says:

where are the other owners from 1aauto they too good or busy to make vids
like u

1A Auto Parts says:

You might want to check the sway bar and the links as well as the control
arm bushings. All of those items over time tend to wear away and need to be

Dave Mann says:

Thanks – this helped a lot

1A Auto Parts says:

We do not. You can purchase our auto repair parts online at

REDBEARD885 says:

I have purchased parts from 1aauto. I highly recommend them.

Matthew Stephens says:

Great videos. Just did this and the hubs in a ’99 Dakota SLT… Couple of
comments: I could not get the axle out with the hub installed. Try as I
might, I simply could not get the flange that the bolt goes through to
clear the transfer case…ended up using a slide hammer to remove the hub,
then the axle popped right out. Also, I have the skid plates under my
truck. I remove the plate to get the driver’s side axle out – looked tight,
and I didn’t want to mess with it… Great job on vids

28CarsLater says:

@1aauto Good answer.

Jekerdud says:

You make removing the axle look way easier than it is (after all bolts are
removed). Been spending the past 2 hours just trying to get the CV to come
out, there’s not much room for play to push in then down =/ 99 dakota here

Kyle says:

awesome vid guys

hector garcia says:

how can you tell , you need and axle , I just replace break rotors pads and
wheel bearing hubs on my grand cherokee 4×4 1999 , there is a grinding
noise , I thought it was the wheel bearing but after I replaced it is the
same , cv boots look fine , the noise starts when the speed reaches 40
miles p/h,,,,,,,,,,,, by the way this video is excellent , well all the
videos I have seen from 1aauto are great

dav jo says:

the 03 dakota 4×4 has a stub axle on the inner left and right which wear
out over time . then u have to replace both half shafts and inner rt and
left stub axles which pop out without taking gear box apart.keep in mind to
replace lock pins on axle shafts

william hunter says:

great vid

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