Chevrolet GMC Radio Repair and Removal

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F R E E – R E P A I R – E S T I M A T E S


presidential99 says:

Hey i changed the radio on my surburban and now it wont start any suggestions? ?? 

Mark Johnston says:

When I get mine unscrewed it seems as if the wires are holding it in place and I'm unable to pull it out. Should I just pull harder? Or is there a way to unhook the connectors while radio is in the dash?

Jose Hernandez says:

Wow. That was fast. It would have taken me 3 hours to do that. LOL

Matthew Gomulinski says:

With an aftermarket not same radio

Matthew Gomulinski says:

Can i just replace the radio in my truck or do I have to do some fancy computer code shit?

Phillip Sigman says:

Just bought a 2004 Silverado that has an aftermarket stereo installed.  I want to swap it for a different model stereo.  Do I have to have to have the BCM re-coded?

john cooper says:

Excellent tutorial!  I wish your business was close to my home.

tanner bragg says:

Thank you

David Winterton says:

The insert/eject feature is not working. Can the radio be repaired or should I consider a better after market product?

Sonny P says:

thanx, told me exactly what I needed to know

Bobby Dowling says:

Very helpful thank you:)

matt9c1 says:

Where is the repair part of your video ? The title advises that there is a repair part of the video…….or is this a commercial ?

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