Chevrolet GM Speedometer Gauge Repair Removal Instrument Cluster

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GM Cluster gauge repair. See for written directions and information on or…


Gerald Thomas says:

Thank you Soooo!! Much!!!! You sir are a bad ass!

If you live close I will buy you a beer and a steak dinner. The dealer
wanted $600 to replace the cluster assembly.
I’m going to order a kit and get my car back in working order.

Ken Reece Reece says:

whoever gave thumbs down must have accidentally hit the wrong dislike.
This is and excellent video.

gulfgate713 says:

how would u replace them little lightbulbs into LEDs i tried on my
avalanche but it was complicated because there twist offs like the older
models, my needles are maybe 1 line off but i did the best i could on the

Michael Whitaker says:

I got a question, I got a 1996 firebird and doesn’t count the millage
anymore, Do you know how to fix that?

Wadesta11 says:

Where did you purchase the stepper motors? What method did you use to
remove the inoperative stepper motor solder joints? 

Jordan Gagnon says:

why did you put tape on the fork? what is the reason

Anton Dyckyns says:

a better technique for wick is to flow melting solder into end of freshly
clipped copper wick. Constantly snip end off with a pair of scissors, like
1/4 of an inch at a time. use fresh wick on each joint to avoid spreading
solder to another joint by accident. 

Jesse Pyle says:

thank you so much for this video !!!!! you saved me over $500 !!!!!! Thank
you again.

Cojtseeb Xiong says:

Please, help…. Where do you purchase the speed motor? I ask couple
Autopart store and they don’t have it.

Raul Romero says:

awesome video man

zay c says:

What website or where can I buy the fuel stepper motor? Thanks

Garth Mounce says:

It will cost you way more to have a professional do it than to do it
yourself. The stepper motors can be bought on Ebay for under $10 and then
even if you have to buy a soldering iron and solder it will still be
cheaper to DIY. It just takes skill. 

Fred Parker says:

Thank you, that video was very helpful. I ordered parts on line, they
arrived packaged well, and the operation was a success. Getting the display
out was easier than I expected, and the scotch tape marking technique was
perfect. Thanks again.

ljs2013 says:

Great video! Wish I had seen it before I did mine. I tried to use a
solder-sucker device and it was really difficult. The solder wick is the
way to go. I also replaced all the light bulbs because I figured they would
be going bad soon on my ’03 Avalanche. Replacing the light bulbs was
difficult at first. I replaced all 10 and the 6 motors. Pay close attention
to aligning the pointers of the gauges, I didn’t. If you wonder about the
speedometer accuracy, I used an app on my iPhone to sync it with. You can
download an iPhone app for $1.98 that is like a real speedometer. It works
off of GPS points so need to set the cruise control and drive for awhile to
compare the readings.

Ivan Salas says:

Nice video but we’re can I get the motor? 

Freehad1 says:

@LaughForever62110 amazon has them for five bucks…just did mine and

curly380 says:

Thanks for the helpful video. I have a question. Some of the light bulbs
behind the fuel and RPM gauge are out what bulb size is used to change them
out. Would a LED be safe to use?

Scott Trunkhill says:

@a2188r Doesn’t sound like the same problem as what I was having. Does it
do it if you run the wipers and it isn’t raining?

Jay Huck says:

I have a 2007 Monte Carlo, the gas gauge says i have a 1/4 tank left but it
is really a empty tank and i ran out of gas, does the gauge need to be
reset or is it my float in the tank?

140095VS says:

Thanks for the great tutorial! I’ll be repairing the tachometer on my
Montana next weekend.

George Burgers says:

i replaced all stepper motors on my cluster but i erred in replacing the
needles. I forgot to mark the original placement of the needles and
esitmated where they used to mark. Now my RPM marks at 1000rpm where it
should mark 0. My gas meter needle is always at E and my temp gauge marks
half way when i turn on my car. How do you suggest I repair this mistake?
thank you for the video

Scott Cogbill says:

I put a new motor on the speedometer and now all it does is jump up and
down about the equivalent of 1 mph. Any ideas on what I did wrong? Thanks.

Scott Trunkhill says:

@CantBeTouched91 If you haven’t already done it I replaced some bulbs last
weekend and recorded it. Look in my channel

MileyCyrus192 says:

@MrVikingsathome if your fuel gauge gone bad it may not even be the gauge
piece itself. it maybe be the fuel sending unit that sense how much gas is
in the tank and it is control by the float that move up and down in the
tank and sometime certain gas station does not change their pump and still
use old gas and you use that gas it will cause corrosion on the electronic
of the sending unit. if you read “E” all the time it maybe one of your
wires that broke on the sending unit.

bskyoon says:

When this first happened I just pushed my speedometer and oil pressure
needles back and resintalled the guages, of course they went haywire again.
My question is, will that affect my calibration? Will my indexing be
accruate if I replace the stepper motors and remove the needles? Also my
speedometer stops around 80mph, so when I index i would install at the
12oclock position and then spin it counterclockwise back to around 80?
Thanks a lot, the video is great

MansonJs says:

Thank You So Much!!!!!! Keep the videos coming. Guys like you help us save
money and have more pride working on our cars or trucks!!!!! Thanks Again

hackbotX says:

Very good video, I replaced the motors in my 2005 Sunfire and things worked
well. One problem here, how the hell do you calibrate the needles? like an
idiot I put them in at zero vs 12:00 position. I did the wind trick like
you showed, but the temp gauge is hosed up. Is it safe to assume I can keep
doing the spin trick to get that back in the right position?

Thomas East says:

Scott. Great video. I have a question for you. I changed out the gauge
motors and they work fine but I also wanted to change out the LED’s. I
bought the 5mm blue LED’s. I soldered them in place and now none of the
LED’s are working. I can make them flicker when I plug/unplug the harness
connector, but they won’t stay on. Any suggestions.

brorville says:

thanks to your video…changed stepper motors on 04 impala gauges easy job
Thankyou again

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