Suspension DIY Repair – BMW M5 Dinan Koni Shocks & Swaybar + PowerFlex Bushings

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This is not a step-by-step DIY. There are a lot of procedures excluded; this shows the general work-flow. is your friend for torque specs and proper procedures.

The bushing press tool rented from Autozone was too small for the Thrust-arms and Controll-arms… do not what we did; Its dangerous, painful and just plain sucks. Get a real bushing press or go pay someone.

Music Credit: Royalty Free/Creative Commons
TechnoAxe @ YouTube
Broke For Free @ FreeMusicArchive

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ćivot bree says:

D I Y THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT !!!!!!!!!! and by the way good
lucking e39 :P

Rangerboy23 says:

Cinematography was excellent. Haven’t seen that much effort put into
editing in quite a while.

MySparter says:

clearly not the best job to be done on ones hard court.

Celio Buenno says:

The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dri fter says:

its soooo much easier on the e36 ;)

bera541 says:

Great job !
Whats the soundtrack name?

Bert T. says:

Are those koni yellow sports (adjustable) with h&r coils?

alex cristian says:

no dust boots for rear shocks?

Precivilization says:

Very nice video, thanks. How many miles on the clock?

Kurosaki990Ichigo says:

The rear shocks need so much work, that only a fully adjustable system
would make it worth the effort for me.

dziabi3 says:

1:24 This fluid from gear?

Very professionally done job.

jagerx says:

Love how your vids end with just absolutely ripping up some salt flats.
Pretty much how I feel after every successful DIY.

Larry Moya says:

Cool vid

thelegendbullet937 says:

Bout to put a set of these on my saab 9-3 2.0t :D

Seth Morton says:

Are your wheels dipped?

willie liz says:

i was about to do this swap to my e39 530i wagon and now im not. i wouldnt
want the upolstry removed unless i can do the whole m5 upgrade. 

Robertking1996 says:

All of that to replace shocks? 

Gavin Sloma says:

so jacking it up by the oil pan is not too weight on the motor mounts ?

Lavrix P says:

pašam taisīt ir daudz drošāk nekā kādā servisā 🙂 

1995RangeRover says:


Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Excellent video. I love Koni shocks, and sold them when I worked at
Supershops Automotive Performamnce Centers and the Speed Merchant ( 1982
-1987 ). Koni was the very first shock absorbers I bought for my very first
car a 1965 Mustang Fastback. It looks like your rear coil springs did not
require a spring compressor, did this swap change your ride height, how
much camber are you running on the front and rear, and how are your tires
wearing. Lastly, how is the ride quality, and how many turns to you have
your Koni struts at?

Denis Stepanenko says:

Ваще норм

mrhempoilsoldier says:

it is abundantly clear you haven’t got the slightest clue
what the hell your doing
using a truck as a press and doing damage?
i prey your an accountant or computer guy
and not a mechanic

Gavin Sloma says:

did you have to get a alignment the car after ?

relientker says:

So much effort for struts…. My lordy

brandon fernald says:

@terabass how do you get the backseat out? I got the bottom out and pulled
the 2 bolts on each side out but couldn’t get any further,in your video it
looked like you just yanked up on it?any help would be great

Leon De la Sierra says:

Nice video and music! beautiful machine!

ANT5003 says:

0:49 after a coilover or bag install.

eleven0xi says:

Can you do the same on my car?

EGPerformance says:

Nice vid! Wisch song is it from TechnoAxe? Thnx

Helder Silva says:

m5 forever

Thabo Moyo says:


Nick Davoli says:

Absolutely love the videos you make. Makes me want an E39 even more

Jakub Beker says:

gr8 movie! Rear is a pain in the ass, isn’t it:D?

Mitch Vigil says:

Are you in video production in California? Amazing amount of work. Great
video. Though a slower paced one with some description would be nice as

Denis Karpuk says:

Tell me please , whats the name of plastic covers at 6:06 ?

turkanx5 says:


Joshua Revisa says:

Great Video!

Terabass says:

Handles great. Drifting has become very predictable, very linear transition
from grip to spin, no more snaps.

Sergio Fishkin says:

Are U guys Russian?

multilakiks says:

Labs darbs padarīts 🙂 malači 🙂

Terabass says:

Every time. Second time will be much easier. I would make sure I have the
right bushing presses; everything else was without surprises.

Chit0k says:

ха !…. а похожи на русских ? 😉

kimdaviscali says:

Would you do it again guys? Was it worth the $, time and labor? (owner of a
2003 E39 M5)

Lubos1971 says:

Next time don’t force the bushings into their places dry like this – lube
them first with a dish soap/detergent (just a little bit) The job is much
easier then 😉

David MuscleGuy says:

so how does it handle right now? a lot better cuz i’m thinking to change
mine soon and Ryan Yost (hope you know that Guy) suggest me this one so
what can you tell me?plz

Terabass says:

Keep in mind half the joy is learning the car and knowing you are the one
to blame for mistakes, no hidden corners cut somewhere.

kimdaviscali says:

BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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