Repairing Paint Chips On A BMW Or MINI

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Close — In this DIY How-To video we’ll show you how easy it is to repair minor paint chips and damage on your BMW or MINI. We’ll use the BMW and M…

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Random2381 says:

BavarianAuto- Quick question for you…I have a 2001 e46 Sedan that I just
got. I noticed there was a small (maybe 2inx2in) square “hole” in the right
side of the front bumper. I assume its either temperature related or some
safety feature…My question is, is there supposed to be some sort of
“screen” or “insert” that goes in front of it..? Because mine is just
completely open and im afraid that something might go into it. Thank you
for ANY information!

Keep up the great vids! They’ve been an absolute LIFE-SAVER for me!!!

Stjepan Čukac says:

You have very professional videos and they are great help…Keep up the
good work :-)

gmurphyTheStig says:

You should be fine.

Jianwei Su says:

just wondering how this repair will hold up in car washes??

Weipeng Chen says:

Would any kind of solvent work for removing the excess paint?

Alvin Chang says:

Where can I find the paint code for 2013 Mini Cooper Hardtop? Looked
everywhere but could not fine it

kenv13 says:

What is the difference between the Basic, Standard and Deluxe kit? they
doesnt say much on the side? Im sure it the amount of paint but what size

MMyballsitch says:

very very nice video. would you need to polish and wax the paint, when you
finish with the touch up. if so how long would you wait.

Apple4life says:

will the solvent pull the original paint?

BavarianAuto says:

Please see our prior reply on the clear coat application.

Roger Bell says:

I tried this with regular touch-up paint (Black) and oderless turpentine.
Worked sweet! Thanks

NationalNewsNetwork says:

Good info, thanks!

Yunhuang Zhang says:

So are you saying that we can also use the same solvent to dissolve the
excessive clear coat, and wipe it away?

BavarianAuto says:

Yes, the paint pens will work with the Paint Chip Repair kit. Just
experiment with how much to apply and how long to let it cure.

BavarianAuto says:

Yes, indeed …. paint color match makes an impact on the final repair.
Most would agree, that the filled and repaired chips certainly look better
than without, especially when done as shown here, as you do not get the
obvious lumps of dabbed-on paint.

Dan Ezold says:

Nice job in execution, results and delivery of a clear concise method!

Maltitol says:

Very professional. Great demo.

xxhotelcrazyxx says:

top work guys!

mark white says:

is this real mini or bwm type fake copy …?

BavarianAuto says:

If the droppings have eaten into the paint, you’ll need to try a standard
rubbing compound. This is the most abrasive compound, which then must be
followed by polishing compound and then very fine polishing/waxing
compound. If the rubbing compound does not go far enough, sanding is the
next step.

XMG3 says:

this has been super useful, thank you !

BavarianAuto says:

No, we do not. However, if the paint has been damaged pas what a typical
rubbing compound, then polishing compound will clean up, You will have to
do some sanding and then go back to the rubbing compound and the polishing

CarScratchRemover says:

I agree with Bav Auto,quality urethane paint will yield a permanent repair.
Base color and leveling with a solvent gives the flattest least noticeable
repair. I dont recommend clear on top of the base color touch up to my
customers. pro’s that do hand touch ups leveling method don’t typically
apply clear either. Hand applied clear coat is not the same as original 2K
clear coat finish. If you apply clear on top of the “leveled” base color –
you defeat the purpose, end up with a ugly paint bump.

iezzif says:

Excellant tutorial! Just had a question. If you are in the process of
restoring a finish with clay, swirl remover, polish, etc, what stage of the
chip repair would you fit this in?

BavarianAuto says:

One way to find out ……. call us at 800-535-2002. Have your color code
and color name handy. We can contact the manufacturer to see if they can
mix the color.

BavarianAuto says:

This is just due to blasting from road grit …. sand and other small sized

BavarianAuto says:

In general, the answer is yes. We have had moderate to good success in
repairing long scratches. Actually, the deeper the scratch, the better the
success. Certainly give it a try. We would use the “1st method” as you
noted; the paint chip repair kit and the BMW touch-up paint. Just
experiment with how long you need to let the paint cure, so that the
removal process does not “de-paint” the scratch.

SunKing968 says:

Thanks for a great tutorial. I’m a BMW lover with an E39 540i but this
paint chip repair is needed for my other car- a 2002 B6 Audi A4. Do your
products work equally well with this car? And does one never need to apply
primer for all kinds of touchup paints or is it something about BMW paints
specifically? Danke!

Matt Watkinson says:

Good video

systematiq says:

Nice video sir. I noticed you didn’t use primer in this demonstration. Is
primer not necessary with touch up paint? I know little about touch up
paint, but I’m assuming it’s different than factory paint.

BavarianAuto says:

Umm … not sure just what you’re asking. However, the Road Rash kit is
manufactured by the company that makes the kit. They mix their own paints.
The touch-up paint that was used for the Paint Chip Repair kit was factory

JotaCé Fondeur says:

What about the clear coat? Its not necessary to aply? Thanks

BavarianAuto says:

We can offer the Road Rash kits for any vehicle. We just need the original
paint code and name. Call our advisors at 800-535-2002. As long as you
properly clean the chipped area (wax stripper and rust removal, if needed),
priming is not required.

Icel4nd3r says:

Hi, just a quick question, i see you mention many times “just reapply
paint” after failed paint leveling, but my question is do you need to clean
the area before reapplying the paint to remove the solvent? Or do you just
let it dry or something?

Ouija1210 says:

excellent demonstration.

ewanok says:

They’re ok cars, more power than VW but with cheaper feeling interiors.
Would never drive one though, I don’t want everyone thinking I’m a w*nker.
For that money I’d get something that isn’t driven by phone shop managers
and people who wear cheap shiny suits.

See5 says:

Can I use the first method to repair a 20 cm deep scratch made by
screwdriver/key? My 2008 750li got scratched on both sides by unknown bad
guys last year. 🙁 thank you for making the video.

deanmat says:

Would any kind of solvent work for removing the excess paint?

BavarianAuto says:

This issue is addressed in the text, on our blog post, that goes along with
this video ( Since the touch-up paint is an enamel (which
continues to fully cure, over a longer time period), you should really wait
a few weeks before polishing and covering it with wax.

ryan215553 says:

i dont even have a bmw

fred wilson says:

BMW is overrated through the roof times 10

BavarianAuto says:

The solvent products will only soften the uncured paint. They will not
affect the cured original paint.

Paul H says:

I noticed the “shotgun chips” on my cousin’s car.. I was very very curious
what caused those chips. Any idea? thanks

Jose Gonzalez says:

hi ive been looking everywhere for a way to fix my badly chipped left side
of my back bumper on my 2002 mustang…someone backed into it and ran of
before i could see…it was a dent but i pushed it out,,,could u tell me
how to approach this problem its about the size of a basketball

BavarianAuto says:

We think that this would be OK. We’d recommend just going at it gently at
first to see how it works out.

suzukidrzsupermoto says:

good job

pointerisnull says:

My M3 is an individual color, does Dr. Colorchip have paint for those?

archiguitarchi says:

As has been my experience, filling in paint chips does not get an invisible
repair result, mostly due to the fact that the paint on the car has aged
and bleached out a bit. Too bad there isn’t a technique for compensating
for that. If you have lots of repairs done this way the car ends up looking
like it has the measles, depending on the color, of course.

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