BMW 7 Series Cooling Leak Repair

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US Patent #: 8464424 B2

NOTE: After 5 years, increased BMW parts and labor cost
the $1600 price shown in the video is no longer valid.

The BMW N62 Coolant Pipe from All German Auto:
All German Auto owner Martin Christensen demonstrates how to fix a coolant leak on a BMW 745. AGA has built a custom solution for repairing a $10,000 coolant leak problem on all BMW N62 V8 motors for less than $3,000.
For more information, contact us here:

Description – BMW 745 li i il coolant leak N62 2001 2002 2003 cooling pipe tube front engine allgermanauto aga custom part parts solution 7 series 7-series broken coolant pipe/tube seal

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im just bein honest says:

Do u have to remove any gaskets or anything else besides the intake
manifold, water pump, and valley pan

tyrone weekes says:

How do you removed the intake boot and air pump hose from a BMW 745LI
2004.With causing any damage to other componants

david henriquez says:

and the car cost 7000k

Gerald Paine says:

Great innovation!
Porsche and BMW basically design great mechanical engines.As great as they
are as you can see they do have design flaws which cost us a great deal of
time,money and aggravation.Nice to see some great mechanics who are
committed to finding solutions to these issues.
By the regards to coolant.What’s your take on “Waterless
Coolant”specifically…”Evans Waterless Coolant”.Has there been any owners
using this product..!

Our car guy..Jay Leno really gives this very high praise!

jw200 says:

If people own car like this, they should have a spare $10,000 to fix it and
not complain

harrison clark says:
Cabinboy1989 says:

You guys rock

Alexander Vakulenko says:

Ive had this problem before..
yet today I was topping off coolant, the coolant stick indicator, kind of a
red long stick, broke. As I tried to remove it, the stick sunk to the
bottom of the expansion tank. Is this going to damage the cooling system?
That’s the last thing I need after just fixing a coolant leak

Masedigity says:

Thank you for this post! I may have to head down your way. I’m up in Sata

Javan Javadov says:

I am just curious why he has two watches…? or maybe one is not a watch.

Jason Burt says:

Now that you have increase the pressure tollerance of the center pipe, be
ready for the rear bell housing coolant pan to blow. To prevent all these
problems including the center pipe 1) change your coolant with Pentosin NF
or Motul Inugel Expert Ultra every 2 years,do not use US branded BMW
Coolant 2) throw the 2 bar(29 psi) coolant cap in the trash and replace it
with a 1.4 bar(20 psi) coolant cap from a 1 or 3 series BMW.

jimco03 says:

That was Martin Himself

tatersgravy says:

Is it possible to purchase this tube from you folks as I do my own mechanic
repairs. And, thanks for the excellent videos, keep them coming!

Дмитрий Изюмцев says:

Hallo! Ich von Russland, brauchen Sie Geldunterstützung. Ich versammle mich
auf einem Auto. Es ist viel Geld Ich frage nicht, dass es “eine Scham ist”,
zu wem wie viel es nicht ein Mitleid auf 1 Dollar ist und ich mich
versammeln werde WebMoney: E413539288929 ist im Voraus Ihnen dankbar.

tperron3 says:

That is amazing, I was a BMW tech for about 6 years, I love the cars, hated
flawed designs like those tubes. You guys should be very proud of your

joe santos says:


jabagryz says:

i have a same problem (((((

All German Auto says:

Please give us a call at (760)738-4626 and we will be more than happy to
help you!

mobipper says:

Dansk opfindsomhed når det er bedst. Du gør alle danskere stolte Martin.
Keep up the good work.

the1thatgotirwin says:

What a terrible engine design. The bmw engineer who designed this engine
couldn’t take the extra 5 minutes to make a collapsible pipe? Its almost
like they wanted it to be such a costly pain in the ass all over a 5 dollar
rubber seal.

dieudonneMC says:

I’d just get a whole new engine instead of pay 9K dollars! But dang, Im
really excited at the solution here!!!

dieudonneMC says:

@trijjj Fukin Thieves! i am very impressed at the solution the guys at All
German came up with! That is using the noggin! I was about to buy a 7
series, Im gonna rethink that now.

JackRM says:

@smrljak this is a N62 – the E65 model did not had a M62

joe santos says:

@jrice4069 so what do i have to remove to install the oem pipe with out
removing all that crap

ddd231 says:


Subhan Fahim says:

Can I buy the tube from you?

Brad Thomas says:

Ok, are the 545i’s having this problem?

02powertube says:

Have you got any dealers in Europe, I see and hear that Martin is Danish –
maybe he has got a market over here as well 🙂 Greetings from Denmark.

smrljak says:

@AllGermanAuto I think this is M62 engine not N62 ??? anyway i like this
inovation and like to know where I can order this pipe ??? thanks



Andre Vershun Pernell II says:

That was the slickest thing I have seen THUS far…Way to go All German
Auto!!!!…..Hey what is the name of the guy hosting???…He is HELLA
cute….& I LOOOVE his accent. I would bang him in a heartbeat!!! XOXOXO

All German Auto says:

The coolant pipe applies to certain BMW N62 engines. It applies to
2004-2006 BMW X5 4.4i and 4.8is (E53) as well as the 2007-2010 BMW X5 4.8i

Fianoglach_ Airm says:

firstly really great solution but, its in an area thats under constant
vibration would the threads not loosen over time if they are not locked in
some way , i work in maintenancein a pharmaceutical plant and we couldnt
used something like that because in an area under vibration the threads
would work loose over time and leak ??????

jrice4069 says:

@melody2484 Actually, I do know what I’m talking about. The upper and lower
timing case covers on the N62 can be removed without removing, the heads,
oil pan or even valve covers. Only the fasteners that thread into these
components need to be removed. I have done this repair multiple times with
no issue. The coolant pipe described in the video is an ingenious product –
I’m just simply pointing out that some of the things said on the video are
not true.

Greg Anagnostopoulos says:

Amazing, I now feel comfortable about holding onto my 745 for a long time.
Great job AGA!

bobl78 says:

I´m german and I´m ashamed what today´s technology is…. what a bullshit.
What is next ? A coolant line through a piston with a cheewinggumm seal ?
And when new, that car is so expensive… BMW´s engineers should quit and
sell salad in a supermarket. Why using a tube inside the engine instead a
hose around it ? Answer: money

hooperwille says:

why not put ordinary hose and clamp it in place of that metal tube?

jaymum23 says:

@profesorborat This is sometimes true. BMWs are more hit-and-miss than MBs
and Porsche when it comes to durability. Still, I have friends who have
nearly trouble-free E46 330is, and the E90/92 M3 has shown to be very
reliable. I do think that there is evidence of cost-cutting in the wrong
areas in certain BMWs. They are so focused on performance efficiency that
some times they forget to engineer some durability into certain components.

Stuart Carrison says:

Epic work guys, wish the UK BMW specialist had such ingenuity

Victor Martinez says:

How do you know when you have this kind of coolant leak? What are the

Tomas Qvist says:

does this affect the 645 v8’s?

treborx23 says:

Your video is very informative. Now I’m planning on buying a newer 7

wirsindheldenowns says:


All German Auto says:

@tuuunas it affects all vehicles with the N62 engine. Please visit our
website to find all applications!

Oscar Villalobos says:

@jonrasho1 lots of humor jaja…

3089280288 says:

BMW = big money waster

Will Gordon says:

I was surfing the web to get some idea of how common this problem is and
ran into your post. Hats off to you guys. Such a simple solution to what
was a very complex repair. We’ll be contacting you this morning. Our local
dealer just quoted us $8700. We owe you many thanks.

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